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 Post Topic: A gathering for social entertainment
PostPosted 23.08.2010, 11:26

a crysis machinima...

there is a slight sound/image desync.

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PostPosted 23.08.2010, 12:43 
Epic! O_O


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PostPosted 23.08.2010, 15:11 
Fun :D

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PostPosted 23.08.2010, 15:23 
So ingenious! :D

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PostPosted 24.08.2010, 01:03 
Great. :D

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PostPosted 24.08.2010, 01:39 

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PostPosted 24.08.2010, 01:42 
Thanks, I'm glad you all like it.
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PostPosted 25.08.2010, 16:55 
5 stars )))))

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PostPosted 25.08.2010, 17:17 
Kickass song + Awesome game = EPIC Win!

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 Post Topic: Well Done a better Hangover is not possible :P
PostPosted 15.09.2010, 12:17 
Good job favorite part is when the guy on the bartender desk is half dead hanging on the other guy shoulder
with the alcohol bottles in the picture that gave it a funny flair and the music work fine i mean perfect to it :P
keep up th good work hope in future to see more!!!!

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PostPosted 16.09.2010, 08:56 
haha! Party =)


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