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PostPosted 21.11.2009, 19:06 
Thanks SoCal! I appreciate what you'r saying. Im glad you like how things are going, and also, that you have constructive observation.

I added new textures, with normal maps, and all, so they are still Work In Progress. I am experimenting on different varieties of leafs. Yes, i realize that they look a bit glossy, but, as you know probably, cannabis plant (indica, sativa & ruderalis) have around 3,000,000 different varieties worldwide. And also, many many more subvarieties. Some have thin leaves, not glossy (sativa), but some do have (some indicas). However, i will probably lower specular just a little bit, so they dont be "too healthy".

In the other hand, TOD... I have already tried a vast number of settings, which change with daytime. So, i have morning fog, intense midday sun, etc. Still trying out new stuff.

And, yes, thanks for screenshot solution. I could really use editor for making screenshots, instead of old good Print Screen.

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PostPosted 22.11.2009, 01:27 
I'm always glad to help :D

Thats true about the varieties of cannabis, I forgot about that haha. I've only really personally seen the sort of soft and hairy style plants in my days but no doubt there are probably more shiny types out there :P

Glad I could help about the screenshot info, its a really useful tool when you don't want to go close your map and load the entire game in order to get nice resolution/quality etc, I usually tend to set my e_screenshot_width to 1920 and e_screenshot_height to 1080 to get a high resolution but also relatively small file size etc

Honestly your doing very well on this project considering you have only worked with 3ds max for like 3-4 months correct? At 3 months I was no where near your ability haha but then again I spent most of my early days modding as a level designer and was less involved on the 3d art at that time
Can't wait to see how it looks, keep up the good work :D
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PostPosted 23.11.2009, 18:24 
Sorry but I can't figure out how to use them. Can someone explain?
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PostPosted 28.11.2009, 02:54 
Now that's some awesome leaf detail in closeup. I love your project, and I love Cannabis :love: :happy:

Keep up the good work, any more updates on the "buds" and the hashish?
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PostPosted 07.01.2010, 02:43 
Sorry for the delayed replies.

faray >>> When you download the file from the Finished section of this forum, you will have the herb model, that can be used as static object (GeomEntity), as a Brush, or as a Vegetation. Whatever choice you make, it will be the same looking herb. But Vegetation gives an opportunity to add lets say 1000 herbs, with very decent FPS. Note that i have scaled and fixed the object thanks to SoCal's tips, so it takes 98 kilobytes to store this precious herb with 250 separate leaves.

aNoN_ >>> Thanks. I have all projects 99% done, and will release them as soon as i get a chance to do so. I have added new herb textures, which are not yet released to public download. At about the same time i release new herb, i will release hashish bricks, with couple of texture and model variations, with very high detail. Also, what may be of interest to many visiting this thread, i will finally share the knowledge of realtime flowgraph based leaf animation. Keep looking this way...
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PostPosted 12.01.2010, 00:52 
Ok, after a while I decided to finally release so called Flowgraph Plant Grow System. Note that this system is still work in progress, so i dont guarantee it will satisfy your needs. As of this moment, i have worked with ITERATOR to get all available entities (yes, any entity can be used with this). You have to set your plant in Sandbox, offcourse made by separate pieces (eg. leaves, branches, etc), and choose the same name for them all (for me: Basic.Leafs01, Basic.Leafs02...). You dont have to make 1000 copies and then change them all. Change name first, then copies will add first free extension number. YourName1,2,3,4,5,6....

How it works?

Basicly when you finish easy setup of building a plant, and get in the game, you will see your herb "preloading". Using flowgraph in Sandbox2, I scripted simple leaf lifecycle simulation, using Game Tokens as a "sattelite hard drive" for all leaves . It is interesting feature, as GT's keep all usefull information about leafs, branches, scale, position, etc (acting like global variables). So it is possible that we set final look/stage of our plant, and watch how it grows from nonexistence to vegetative stage.

It means, that what you build in first place, is what you will see at the end of cycle. You can choose how fast it will grow, intervals between the changes, and growth multiplier. You can use up to 1500 entities, that will dinamicly be selected and scaled in desired new size in our custom cycle. At startup every leaf shrinks down, and then at previously set time intervals they will grow by 8 percent of current size. Effect is nice, if worked properly it can bring you more joy of virtual environment.

My first idea was, to make the plant "watch" sun's positions and intensity during the day, and dynamicly change its growth factors for each segment/branch/leaf. So, we can basicly have shaded laeves growing less, and top leaves growing faster. Also, i wanted to dynamicly set parents or 1000 entities at runtime, of every single leaf, but that caused some major bugs in SE2. However, i am posting this to encourage any good modder to continue the project, and contribute to the knowledge base of and my humble attempt to advance CryEngine2 use. Expect to get the Flowgraph as soon as i translate comments, so begginers can understand whole process.
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PostPosted 12.01.2010, 08:35 
i cant believe they let this on here. looks so good, i can almost smell it. :)

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PostPosted 12.01.2010, 18:05 
Круто .
CooL !!
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PostPosted 13.01.2010, 04:41 
Here are files as i promised. Note as i said, its WIP, so be careful. Do not abuse this script, for any use within your mods/commercial projects, please contact me. I have included following:

- Flowpgrah XML file that contains basic system (usage: View>>OpenViewPane>>FlowGraph>>File>>Open)

- Cannabis 3D Plant modeled completely with SandBox2. Very low poly / High detailed

- Complete textures, hand made, 1024x1024. Cannabis Indica variety

- 3 same Materials (so you can experiment, and still have the original in there)

- GameTokens XML file that is needed (usage: View>>OpenViewPane>>DatabaseView>>GaneTokens>>LoadLibrary)

Enjoy it. Nothing else to say.

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PostPosted 23.01.2011, 02:40 
Hey. When I put the vegetation onto the map, it's just grey.
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PostPosted 23.01.2011, 09:19 
LOL a cannabis farmer with a nanosuit? deadly

for a second i thought this replaced all the leaves with cannabis leaves xD
a whole campaign in a cannabis jungle
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PostPosted 25.01.2011, 17:16 
This is just awesome, nice idea you had. i'm gonna try this out. would fit great
into one storyline of a map im doing.


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PostPosted 25.03.2011, 19:42 
Maximum peace!
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PostPosted 25.03.2011, 20:42 
UPDATE!! ;) Good Job!!!
now we can kill, koreans weed farmers!!!

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 Post Topic: Re: Cannabis Plant - Updated 14th Jan 2010 - Flowgraph based
PostPosted 16.01.2012, 00:55 
when i insert plant into any map its grey.

How do i fix this?

Thank you