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 Post Topic: Crysis Wars singleplayer menue with starting map
PostPosted 14.05.2012, 11:42 
Hello everybody
I got a problem with the singleplayer menue for Crysis Wars:

What I want:
In the mainmenue of Wars with a bottom "Singleplayer". When i press New Game, it should start my first map from game/levels.

What ive done:
1) Installed: Flowgraph Plugin System for Crysis-Wars
2) Copied the Game/Libs/UI with the mainmenue gfx from the Crysis Wars SP MOD in my folder
3) Created a "settings.xml" with this content:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Settings ShowVideos="0" ShowIntroVideos="0" StartingLevel="001" />

My Levelfolder called 001.
When i start Crysis Wars with the -mod modname now, it doesnt show the introvideos and I got the mainmenue with the Singleplayer-button. But when I start with "New Game", Im getting a blackscreen...
(When I type con_restricted 0 and map 001 it is working, so i think no problem with my mapfolder)
I think the problem is in the Bin64/modname.dll, but Im not able to create this, i know nothing about coding and compiling...
May somone help me around?

Thx a lot and greez