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 Post Topic: security guard
PostPosted 13.02.2008, 18:06 
if ANYONE has a security guard model or can tell me how to get one... i am in DEAR NEED of one!
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PostPosted 13.02.2008, 18:09 
What do you want him to be? a soldier with a pistol or no weapon ? i just used a soldier without a helmet and without weapons and then put a pistol on the table like it is his =]

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PostPosted 13.02.2008, 18:51 
I think he means an actual model of the security guard rather than what they carry. I'm not sure about creating character models, I've not seen any around; it might have to be done with the SDK. Try posting in the Asset Creation or Modding Basics section and see what the guys over there have to say! :)
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PostPosted 13.02.2008, 19:09 
'Security guard' is a bit general, isn't it? Or did I just miss that they all had a certain look to them? Well, I don't have any model handy anyway, but for those who do it might be a good idea to be a bit more precise on what you're looking for. Guys in black suits? Police-like uniforms? Or something completely different?
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 Post Topic: Re: security guard
PostPosted 02.09.2011, 13:04 
A security guard is a person who is paid to protect property, assets, or people.Security guards are usually private and official guards personnel.Security employees are sometimes viewed as performing a function of private police.