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 Post Topic: fraps recording
PostPosted 17.12.2010, 07:43 
hi guys can anyone help

i used to use fraps alot in crysis and managed to render frames perfectly at 60fps mass physics style.

completley forgotten how and now i cant get it rendering mass phyiscs smoothly at all.

ive done -

con_restricted 0
fixed_time_step 0.033333
sys_physics_cpu 0

when i play the mass physics everything is all laggy as id expect - when i play the video recorded by fraps i get the exact same - not a nice smooth render - wtf. i can not understand one thing im doing wrong. this is so frustrating as i used to render all the time and now i cant do it at all

before mass physics gameplay in sandbox was ridiculously laggy, and the final recorded fraps video was recorded without sound, but at a perfect 60 or 30fps. now i get a video from fraps recording exactly what i see - lag, and nothing else...

looked all over the net and everyone apart from me in the world seems to be able to do it!


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PostPosted 17.12.2010, 09:09 
Don't use fraps, it's not a offline renderer, it's the worst thing you can use for [Anything] this type of recording.

Use capture_frames.

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PostPosted 17.12.2010, 09:13 
whys is the worst thing? it was the best thing... when i could get it working!

ive seen that capture frames thing - but seems needlessly a lot more work combining pics into videos when you can just record straight to video...