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 Post Topic: C++
PostPosted 22.04.2012, 19:52 
Hello, when searching for information on the c++ part everything is very caothic. After seeing some of the great tutorials of richmar1 I had an idea to make things easier.
There should be a scheme of how things work in CryGame.
I'll show some images so it's more clear.

Would you like something like this?
Also,if someone is interested in helping send me a pm.

PD:Sorry for my english


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 Post Topic: Re: C++
PostPosted 23.04.2012, 10:05 
Good Tutorial
Do you know how to make gun in cryengine 3 i know how to model it but after modeling i don't know what to do ? anyway thanks for the tutorial

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 Post Topic: Re: C++
PostPosted 23.04.2012, 10:09 
Sounds good, there isn't really a graphical representation of Cryengine structure in the official documentation, so something like this should clear things up a bit. :)
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 Post Topic: Re: C++
PostPosted 18.08.2013, 09:16 
Yes, is very Chaotic, for now, there is all.

Please, don`t Kill me. I speak English so so. Some times i used google translator XD.
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 Post Topic: Re: C++
PostPosted 18.08.2013, 21:26 
A good suggestion, indeed. :meow: