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 Post Topic: Cryfield (Crysis 2 Mod)
PostPosted 25.01.2014, 22:34 
This is my Crysis 2 Mod project. I make the Battlefield bc 2/bf 3/bf4 maps with the Crysis 2 Mod SDK. The mod is 5 Days in production.

Editor 2014-01-25 21-36-00-96.png

Editor 2014-01-25 21-35-01-27.png

Editor 2014-01-25 17-32-41-97.jpg

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 Post Topic: Re: Cryfield (Crysis 2 Mod)
PostPosted 19.03.2014, 03:45 
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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 Post Topic: Re: Cryfield (Crysis 2 Mod)
PostPosted 19.03.2014, 06:14 

Argentina, not a place to live

Federico Paez
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 Post Topic: Re: Cryfield (Crysis 2 Mod)
PostPosted 20.03.2014, 01:14 
Quote by Fede3d:

If you can get some better progress it would be better before posting.
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