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 Post Topic: My first try!
PostPosted 07.05.2012, 23:10 
Hey Guys,

last weekend i had nothing to do so i downloaded the Cry Engine 3.

This are the picutes of my first try! I need for this littel map 1:45 houres

I know i had my problems with the Trees!






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 Post Topic: Re: My first try!
PostPosted 07.05.2012, 23:29 
Not bad. Waterfall is very good, and the trees, too. Well, in my opinion.)))

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Thank you.
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 Post Topic: Re: My first try!
PostPosted 08.05.2012, 02:49 
Dont be afraid to plaster some rocks along that terrain wall mate, By the waterfall.. those blank terrain places really detract from the overall scene. otherwise your placement isnt too bad. Some more varied plants placed in there would help.
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 Post Topic: Re: My first try!
PostPosted 08.05.2012, 03:04 
And tweak that river water. It's glowing.*
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 Post Topic: Re: My first try!
PostPosted 13.05.2012, 04:36 
looks good so far, as Kridian said above with the river water just go to the main vegataion tab, then click "environment" scroll down on this tab on the right til where it says "Ocean" and change the colour & fog volumes etc.. as a river* piece just change the parametres for that too darken the surface of the water and put some fog to it for while your underneath the water.

And always remember to smooth out those jagged mountains :)
good try so far though

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 Post Topic: Re: My first try!
PostPosted 15.05.2012, 17:51 
awesome maps man and waterfall awesome :)