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 Post Topic: (Solved) HUNTER A.I Tutorial
PostPosted 12.01.2012, 00:01 
Hunter Tutorial 101

Hunter 666 group id
and perception triggers 0,0 are very important
same goes for the AiNav area settings
just follow the video and you should have no problems, and as always. Make sure to generate all Ai.

I took my time in the video and showed as many examples as possible in the 15 minutes allowed for youtube clips, you can download below the level used above for the Tutorial.


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 Post Topic: Re: (Solved) HUNTER A.I Tutorial
PostPosted 21.11.2012, 19:56 
Why did you remove the video?
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 Post Topic: Re: (Solved) HUNTER A.I Tutorial
PostPosted 31.12.2012, 17:52 
Re-Upload it please? :3 (Video)