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 Post Topic: Height Maps
PostPosted 30.07.2011, 00:31 
I am working on trying to import a height map and am having all sorts of difficulty with photoshop. The map is the hastings battle or hill 362 in Vietnam. The closest height map I have found already made is in the Battlefield Vietnam game - Operation Hastings map.

I have looked at the height map in irfanView and geocontrol and the hills turn out spikey.

I believe the spikiness in the hills is due to the cry editor height map setting being too high - so i lowered this and then i lowered the water level accordingly, however, the detailed shape of the map according to the height map is not transposed into the cry editor. In general its reasonably accurate.

The battlefield vietnam game obviously sees the detail in the height map just fine and provides the exact terrain needed. However as noted above the cry editor as with geocontrol and irfanview changes the detail. What could cause this?

The height maps are all 512 X 512, is 16 bits and appears to have between 2 and 3 channels and are raw files. I cannot open them in Photoshop even with .raw file plugins. I get an error the Specified Image is Larger than File.

Is it possible to clarify the image or clear it up for the editor to read it? Any ideas?

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 Post Topic: Re: Height Maps
PostPosted 30.07.2011, 00:53 
This may work, when importing it into photoshop (the raw) set the channels to 1, and the error will be gone. Other settings should be 16 bit, IBM PC.
Save as raw again, and when imported into cryengine it should come out looking as expected. You may need to tweak the height setting. :)
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 Post Topic: Re: Height Maps
PostPosted 30.07.2011, 03:54 
Thanks, it did load in photoshop with just the 1 channel selected and remained grayscale with 16 bits, but the image was changed.

When loaded back into cry editor, it was more spikey than previous irrespective of heights.