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 Post Topic: Animated geometry question
PostPosted 29.06.2012, 00:31 
I have exported and animated geometry .cga from 3ds max to cryengine 3, when I open the object in character editor i can see the animation i created for it and play it, but when i put the object in the scene it still a static object , its animation dont play, so how i can play its animation inside the level?

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 Post Topic: Re: Animated geometry question
PostPosted 18.07.2012, 04:48 
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 Post Topic: Re: Animated geometry question
PostPosted 20.07.2012, 12:36 
if you're making something like generic anim object (like windmill), then you can add 'animobject' from physics group entitiy, and set 'Playing' and 'Loop' to 'true'.