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 Post Topic: Helicopters?
PostPosted 09.07.2011, 17:25 
So, unfortunately Helicopters can't be flown by the player :puppy:
But maybe anyone remembers the "Lab Rat" Mission from Crysis 2? There was a Helicopter flying around the building and there were two gunners. How can I get that to work? :p


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 Post Topic: Re: Helicopters?
PostPosted 09.07.2011, 17:49 
I think the best thing you can do is to open the 'warehouse.cry' file in the sandbox 3 editor and look at the flowgraph Crytek used,

However is suggest that instead of 'warehouse' you open 'spear.cry', there is a helicopter in there with a more simple flowgraph.
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 Post Topic: Re: Helicopters?
PostPosted 09.07.2011, 22:29 
This has already been discussed


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 Post Topic: Re: Helicopters?
PostPosted 25.08.2011, 01:49 
How do you go into maps? Please tell me!

When i go to maps folder there is nothing :P
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 Post Topic: Re: Helicopters?
PostPosted 25.08.2011, 16:02 
I saw in the Ce3 SDk they put back the command to use a helicopter maybe it can be possible to steal back their helicopter use :O
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 Post Topic: Re: Helicopters?
PostPosted 31.12.2011, 14:38 
I don't mean to necrothread, but this is useful updated info: is you download the sample assets, and import them into the free SDK, you'll have a beautiful Blackhawk helicopter to play with. Using the sample as an example, I managed to get my own custom chopper working, its fun to fly!