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 Post Topic: Placing Rivers doesn't work / Crashing (3.4.3)
PostPosted 23.11.2012, 19:25 
This Problem isn't new i think and a few others have / had it as well. So far i tried many things to fix it but nothing solved the issue.
I even tried to unrar the files again and again to new folders and other harddisk...
I ran the Editor as Administrator, and tried it without as well.
I have firewall / Antivirus exceptions made.
Current drivers should also be updated to the newest.
So far i haven't had any other issues or crashes but as soon as i click with the River tool anywhere the Editor will freeze for me.
I don't know what else to do now i will attach dxdiag and the Editor.log as well and hope there is some visible issue i can easily fix...
(In Case i will also just add the Error.log who knows maybe it will be helpful as well)
Sorry for the trouble and thanks for looking into it.

[3.64 KiB]
Downloaded 13 times
[45.09 KiB]
Downloaded 7 times
[33.28 KiB]
Downloaded 10 times