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 Post Topic: Game Idea: "Anarchy" (Super Slow WIP)
PostPosted 19.10.2011, 04:58 
First Off: I am psychotic studios I am new to the cryengine community so I may have a little trouble adjusting :P from unity and my 2D apps I am working . This is a very slow WIP (at the moment) because I am also working on apps to get my name out in the gaming industry (Links will be posted below). But as soon as I get those done I will move on to totally working on my project.

My Idea: My idea is... well... it's basically rage meets, Elder Scrolls meets, Brink and have the amazing graphics and power of the Cryengine :D . It will be set in the future and there will be this big revolution and you will decide who to fight for, the rebels or army (The whole decide idea is a maybe. If I can get some more help than it is a yes). You this will go through training camp for whatever side you pick to teach you the controls (Once again this idea is a maybe because that all relies on the decision idea) and then get sent off into this world (RPG like elder scrolls world). This is a game that will be constantly worked on, added on to and be fixed.
Status: I have no idea if any of this is final. I am only 12 I change my mind a lot. I just had this thought today and wanted to get some feedback from you guys. I don't care if it's bad or good. But remember I only work on this a little bit of the time so it will be just random when I update this game and reply. Other than that thank you for reading this and I do enjoy feedback. :))

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 Post Topic: Re: Game Idea: "Anarchy" (Super Slow WIP)
PostPosted 26.10.2011, 23:12 
Idea Changed: We will still be doing the anarchy as the basic idea. But the game play will be more of survival but still have it's RPG bits in it. I will also change the whole army or rebellion decision thing (I wanted more your personality in it). I will hopefully set up a system depending on your actions that will change who you are so you could be a nice guy but then later on blow up an army base and totally blow your rep.Unsure of this being multiplayer yet (haven't looked into yet to see how complicated it is). I would like to some how get this on the console yet we have no idea what the license is priced at.

Status: This is still really in the idea stage. I have tested out some of these things but still these are all just ideas. I haven't been able test for a few days just because something is wrong with the editor and I am still waiting for help.

P.S: If you couldn't tell from all the I's I am still working alone at the moment.