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 Post Topic: The Eldest Advice announcement
PostPosted 06.06.2014, 15:02 
About us : We, Jade Studios, are a team of two friends who like to learn how to make games. We may still be not an adult but we want to learn it despirately.And any help is welcome.

About our project:The Eldest Advice is placed in the middle ages.
As a small boy you where adopted by the king and the queen of vigilion.
They raised you as their own and learned you how to rule a Kingdom. On a certain moment you discover that you have the ability to control the elements:the power of elmentia.
Now you have grown up and you are becoming king.
The story starts at the day that you are about to get crowned.
From that moment you have the control of the whole kingdom of vigilion.
You are the ruler and you have the control.
But there are also rebels who aren't happy that you are the king. If you do anything bad the people may join the rebels and if you have less followers then the rebels it could lead to a revolution. You can decide to sent someone to jail or eliminate him/her.
You have to protect your kingdom and make important decisions.
Everything seemed allright until the quakers came in and invaded your land.
You have to stop them and save your kingdom by using your king powers.

The Eldest Advice is a Strategy Open World game.
It is still in the early stages but it is going to be awesome!

Current Progress: We have just invented the story, and now we are busy making the terrain and we are starting with Modelling . also we are working on the trailer.

Anyone who likes this project and wants to help can pm me.
oh and if you like the concept please leave a reply
pics included soon

Support by pm.
Working on a game now....