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 Post Topic: [Help] Dark/Black water Particles.
PostPosted 13.05.2012, 00:58 
Hello everyone. For the last 8 hours have i tried to fix this problem by my own before making a thread, i found some threads on the forum however non had the solution.
As you can see all the water particles are black for some reason before you tell me to do this and that so will i make a small list with everything i have tried so far.

I have tried switching back to Dx9.
I have tried applying a material.
I have tried with every single tod/time/envo setting from the Forest.level that comes with the sdk.
I have tried changing all the color options in the particle editor.
I have tried enabling/disabling "Simple Particle".
I tried disabling SLI
I use SDK 3.4.0, tried on 3.7.7 also.

List of Particles in the image - I have tried about 40 different Particles everything got the same problem.

What i can't understand is how can the particles work just fine in the Forest.level without any kind of darkness but on my level with the SAME settings they are really dark.

Update: It looks like the particles got some shader enabled, And i guess that is what causing it to become dark/black in the color. However i have not found a way to turn it off.

Thanks for the help // EmilHJ

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 Post Topic: Re: [Help] Dark/Black water Particles.
PostPosted 14.05.2012, 02:09 
No one got a clue what it can be?.