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 Post Topic: Crysis Patch 1.1 is out - grab it now!
PostPosted 08.01.2008, 16:54 

Finally it is out, the long awaited Patch 1.1 for Crysis is available for download! The 140MB sized file can be downloaded from one of the sources further below. The patch mainly addresses the performance of Crysis. Additionally it includes quite a few bug fixes and tweaks for the Multiplayer part to provide a more balanced gameplay.

Please find here the complete change log:

  • Fixed: Potential crash in D3D10
  • Fixed: Orange boxes apearing when hispec savegame loaded into lowspec game.
  • Fixed: Inconsistent damage dealt to vehicles when shot by LAW.
  • Fixed: Reflection resolution on D3D10, MultiGPU reflection update fix
  • Fixed: Memory leak with FSAA modes
  • Fixed: Infinite ammo hacks.
  • Fixed: Memory leak in D3D10 when switching screen modes
  • Fixed: Muti optimizations
  • Fixed: When player melees during gun raise animation, their gun will be in a permanantly raised position.
  • Fixed: Crash when loading savegame with level exported recently by editor
  • Fixed: Virtual keyboard does not function properly when a game pad is connected
  • Fixed: Users can lose the ability to look around with the Right Stick
  • Fixed: Setting screen resolution to "default" stops user from selecting last resolution
  • Fixed: Bug when changing resolution in D3D10
  • Fixed: Issues with Depth of field and water droplets in D3D10
  • Fixed: Crash on NaN warning
  • Added: Motion Blur UI and V.SYNC UI options
  • Optimized: Motion blur
  • Optimized: FSAA (Full Scene Anti-Aliasing)
  • Optimized sound id implementation
  • Enabled VSync functionality in D3D10
  • New benchmarking files for ice CPU benchmark.
  • http/xmlrpc password protected remote control session
  • Marked debug cvars as cheat
  • F12 (screenshot) now works in restricted mode as well
  • Reduced LAW splash damage vs. infantry in PowerStruggle mode
  • Slowed Rocket projectile speed down in MP slightly
  • Disabled automatic turret bounding boxes on vehicles to prevent issues with LAW hit detection
  • Reduced grenade explosion radius in multiplayer
  • Clamped water tesselation to avoid cheating in MP
  • MultiGPU improvements with depth map updates

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- Crysis Patch 1.1 - Installation Problems? Read Here!

Have fun with it! :)
-Crysis Dev Team

Alexander Marschal
Crysis2 Project Manager

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PostPosted 08.01.2008, 16:55 
Hurray :easter:

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PostPosted 08.01.2008, 17:09 
f'in YeS

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PostPosted 08.01.2008, 17:10 
Thank you!

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PostPosted 08.01.2008, 17:14 
directly gonna test XP/vista DX9/10

thank ya

c ya
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PostPosted 08.01.2008, 17:17 
Thats verry good news
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PostPosted 08.01.2008, 17:18 
Great, only 1 patch left untill the sdk :]
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PostPosted 08.01.2008, 17:29 
yayy! finally.

lets hope this patch is worth the loooong wait hey! :]
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PostPosted 08.01.2008, 17:38 

Level Artist
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PostPosted 08.01.2008, 17:39 
Congrats, Alex and team!

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PostPosted 08.01.2008, 17:41 
:baby: A small question from someone who doesn't run a server, I am sure installing the patch in my computer will keep me from cheating... but isn't it necessary a server update too? Or is it in the same patch?

I though that server updates weren't delivered together.
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PostPosted 08.01.2008, 17:43 
the server providers need to apply this patch to their Crysis online servers as well :)


Alexander Marschal
Crysis2 Project Manager
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PostPosted 08.01.2008, 17:46 
Cool thank you, welcome changes :]
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PostPosted 08.01.2008, 17:50 
Hurray Today the patch is on the way, I say, I'll Play, until i'm old and grey...

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