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 Post Topic: [WIP] - Ninja Rope and Abseiling
PostPosted 05.01.2010, 10:00 

I would be flabbergasted if anyone here had not heard of spiderman, and I know that if you know of him, you will definitely have thought about moving like him. At least once. Well today we will be taking a peek at a new asset that brings us one step closer to this fantasy. Called the Ninja Rope and Abseiling Flowgraph, it is under production by a fellow Aussie and talented forum member Ga-Knomboe Boy, and currently allows Zelda style hook-shotting, and also has a rappelling system.

Today we have only this video to show you, but it demonstrates the features of the flowgraph well, and gives us a taste of the potential contained within this asset.


If you would like to give Ga-Knomboe Boy some constructive feedback on his work, then feel free to use the comments area below, or visit the assets's forum thread which can be found here.

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- Forum Thread: Ninja Rope and Abseiling
- Video: HQ on Youtube

- Crymod Staff Team

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PostPosted 05.01.2010, 11:26 

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PostPosted 05.01.2010, 11:52 
this calls for a worms-mod :easter:

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PostPosted 05.01.2010, 12:04 
Wow, that's so cool!
Originally posted by Cry-otaku
this calls for a worms-mod :easter:


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PostPosted 05.01.2010, 12:25 
Originally posted by Cry-otaku
this calls for a worms-mod :easter:

+100.. that is actually a VERY good idea.. it might be hard to get the launch speed modified to be dynamic though
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PostPosted 05.01.2010, 12:30 
Looks great - any chance of changing the climbing animation?

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PostPosted 05.01.2010, 13:09 
The animation could take a while to do perfectly, great flow graph work!
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PostPosted 05.01.2010, 17:19 
only the animations are improved but the rest is a very good work :D

Italian :D

Sorry for my english U_U

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PostPosted 05.01.2010, 18:16 
Very good =) A bit more work needed in animations etc, but it has a lot of potential =)

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PostPosted 05.01.2010, 19:36 
very cool, this has a lot of potential, i hope this gets released in some form :)
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PostPosted 05.01.2010, 21:32 
Great! But I Think Someone Should Help In Making An Animation For Climbing The Rope...


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PostPosted 05.01.2010, 23:55 
You could always just make the rope a rope ladder otherwise.
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PostPosted 05.01.2010, 23:58 
It looks like our previous system.

You should change the ladder animation on the rope.

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