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 Post Topic: Frozen Colony - March'12 Update
PostPosted 10.03.2012, 00:57 

In today's news post, we will be featuring a new update from Frozen Colony; a fan-made Crysis Modification designed with CryEngine 2 which is being developed by 2 brothers, PythonSelkan.

Frozen Colony was featured on CryDev back in September 2011 here.

In today's update we will be featuring new details, a new batch of screenshots and the release of Frozen Colony's new official website.



Details + Media

Frozen Colony is a fan-made spin-off set in the Crysis universe; introducing a new plot with new characters and locations. Further to what was featured in the previous update; a lot of importance is being made to the cutscenes of Frozen Colony, consisting of story-telling cinematic scenes mixed with the project's soundtrack and voice overs. Most of you who are familiar with the Crysis Franchise know that the majority of cutscenes featured in the games include a first-person view, however for Frozen Colony; even though it is a fan-made project set in the Crysis Universe, the 2 Player team wanted to include third-person cutscenes in which even the model of the protagonist is shown.

screen1.jpg screen2.jpg screen3.jpg

Being the work of only two persons, the 2 Player Team are doing their best to provide a new action packed fan-made Crysis project dedicated to all Crysis Fans and to introduce others to the franchise!

screen11.jpg screen5.jpg screen9.jpg screen15.jpg screen10.jpg Frozen_cutscene_behind_scenes.jpg

Regarding the estimate duration for a complete playthrough; the team's aim for Frozen Colony is to make it similar to Crysis: Warhead.

The new official website for Frozen Colony has finally been released; featuring new information about the plot, the characters and their voice actors and more.


The Plot

The story is set in 2025,
5 years after the 'Lingshan Island Incident'.

The commander of a private military unit owning the name RESPION,
is reported M.I.A (missing in action) during a solo mission on a remote island which is located in the Mediterrenean.

Xtrypher, who is one of the most trusted members of Respion, is assigned to a rescue mission at the request of his squad leader Hyde, in order to save their commander.
Not being fully briefed of the commander's intensions for being on the island, he is dispatched along with war veteran; Shield, and is tasked with only one mission; To infiltrate the island and search for traces which lead to their commander's disappearance and to provide extraction if possible.

Xtrypher Infiltrates.jpg screen4.jpg screen16.jpg

Latest trailer for Frozen Colony, released September 2011

screen8.jpg newpic.jpg screen6.jpg


Scene Preview

A particular scene featured in Frozen Colony includes the protagonist; Xtrypher being hunted down by PMC soldiers in a forest at night. The cutscene (real-time) shows the soldiers panicking as Xtrypher takes them down one by one. The cutscene ends and is quickly shifted into gameplay; allowing the player to control Xtrypher during the confrontation.

Another scene which was partially seen in the last trailer shows Xtrypher injured at the bottom of a waterfall area. Waking up, Xtrypher notices that all of his Suit features went offline. He starts to infiltrate the area and is then contacted by someone keeping an unknown identity. Xtrypher then hears helicopters which are searching the area and believes that PMC troops are on the lookout for him.
Moving further into the forest, he encounters an enemy pilot who lay injured on the ground close to a crashed fighter. Xtrypher will do what he can to persuade the enemy to talk, even if it means beating him to death.

demointscreen2.jpg screen7.jpg screen12.jpg screen13.jpg screen14.jpg


The Music

The official soundtrack for Frozen Colony is being composed by talented music composer; Alexander Linhart, also known as NxSG.
NxSG is best known for composing fan-made soundtracks for movies such as The Dark Knight and Inception and for games such as Splinter Cell, Mass Effect, Assassin's Creed, Half Life and many more. For Frozen Colony; he has done an amazing job in composing the official soundtrack, containing tracks which fit perfectly with the scenes; whether for a cutscene or gameplay.

One of Frozen Colony's tracks titled: Poison, is featured in the video below.


Back in October 2009, Frozen Colony was originally going to consist of a very short campaign with only 15 to 20 minutes of gameplay with very few cutscenes, but in April 2010 the 2 Player team came up with an interesting plot which could fit in the Crysis universe; thus they restarted the project from scratch with a new vision in mind; to be bigger and better.

That's all for today's update, make sure to stay updated with 2 Player's work by following their Facebook page and their official website!

The 2 Player Team can also be found in the Project Database here.

frozen banner.jpg

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 Post Topic: Re: Frozen Colony - March'12 Update
PostPosted 10.03.2012, 16:28 
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 Post Topic: Re: Frozen Colony - March'12 Update
PostPosted 11.03.2012, 11:55 
Nice update :)
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 Post Topic: Re: Frozen Colony - March'12 Update
PostPosted 11.03.2012, 18:43 
Thanks to all! :)
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 Post Topic: Re: Frozen Colony - March'12 Update
PostPosted 09.05.2012, 15:04 
Work on Frozen Colony has been progressing smoothly and a New Update for Frozen Colony will be coming very soon, exclusively here on CryDev!

Make sure to check out regularly! :happy: