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 Post Topic: New HUD
PostPosted 14.07.2012, 15:50 
When the hero has a little life> 20hp, the screen turns red and start flashing, how to do it in full screen?
and how to add the sound of the heartbeat

sorry for my english-google >_<

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 Post Topic: Re: New HUD
PostPosted 22.08.2012, 17:24 
Seeing that you posted in the scaleform topic, I guess you want to use flash for that.

You can make your effect in the flash video and call an actionscript function to trigger it.
The sound of a heartbeat can be played via the playsound flowgraph node.
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 Post Topic: Re: New HUD
PostPosted 23.08.2012, 01:10 
You dont need to do that in flash when the FG can do it for you.... Unless you have a custom HUD then you need to write some code to update some of the flow nodes if needed..

here is an example:

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