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PostPosted 24.04.2008, 20:53 
That is simply incredible

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PostPosted 25.04.2008, 01:35 
jo very good work, wait for test it :))

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PostPosted 25.04.2008, 03:56 
This a wet dream for major fly boys like me :P
Just a couple of questions though
Question: Are you planing to make the wings of the plane break when the wing takes so much damage. View clip to see what I mean
(No need to watch the whole clip just start at 4:30)
[YOUTUBE]<object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="355"></embed></object>[/YOUTUBE]
Couple more ideas :]
crash landing survival(if plane doesn't blow up right away when hit ground)
Crack and Breakable cockpit window
Emergency eject out of plane

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PostPosted 25.04.2008, 12:10 
Thanks for the comments everyone. It looks like many are interested in this. There are still many problems to solve but this will certainly encourage me to keep at it. I will try to release it to several beta testers by end of next week and hopefully a general release in two to three weeks. Unfortunately the sound will still be very basic due to the lack of LUA info.

@ zeroX5:
Currently there's no damage modelling, but I'm sure it should be possible. I think my first priority will be to add working weapons - so the Spitfire can damage other aircraft! Hopefully damage modelling can come later.

It already has a sort of emergency eject from the aircraft. To enter an aircraft you press the appropriate key (9 for the Spitfire). Press the O key to leave the aircraft. If you're in flight then you are dumped as an ordinary player at the aircraft's position and you will fall in the usual way (sadly, no parachute, so it's best to do this over water). The aircraft continues to fly and you can turn to watch it flying as you fall to your death....
Alternatively, before hitting the deck you could hit 9 to return to the Spitfire or another key to jump into another available aircraft.

@ boebi
Yep, last time I checked my name was Chris Wright. Strange but true....

Edit: I think the penny just dropped! As far as I know I'm not related to the Wright brothers....

@ Sagan
Unfortunately I know little about Track IR. I have made a (crude) virtual cockpit just as a test. Realistic virtual cockpits would be no problem, just requires the modelling effort. Currently you can look around in cockpit mode using the keyboard (numeric keypad arrows). I would like to add mouse control for this but I'm not sure if LUA supports mouse input (it doesn't support keyboard input, unlike Far Cry, but I get keyboard input via a flowgraph).
I have made an interface between LUA and a Visual Basic program using the Windows file system. I use this for joystick flight control. I could extend this, for example to pass mouse position data.

Once again, thanks for the comments everyone. When there's more progress I'll post an update with possibly a few more screenshots.

Best regards,

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PostPosted 25.04.2008, 13:02 
I'm speechless..... really impressive.
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PostPosted 25.04.2008, 13:12 
Looking Great Chris. Keep it up.

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PostPosted 25.04.2008, 22:49 
Soooo Whats new with the planes today
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PostPosted 25.04.2008, 22:58 
That was awesome!
keep up the good work! :D


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PostPosted 26.04.2008, 00:33 
pretty cool chris. i remember your earlier posts, and i'm glad to see how far this has progressed.

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PostPosted 26.04.2008, 09:43 

i have you writhe a PM

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PostPosted 26.04.2008, 15:24 
Would be more awesome if someone use this and make a WW2 mod
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PostPosted 26.04.2008, 15:50 
we already doing a ww2 mod ;)

and we also want to implement airplanes and air combat :)

ok but back to topic:

really great work you've done there, looking forward to the development :)

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PostPosted 26.04.2008, 16:48 
Really really great work!
I was hoping for something like this :)
Now I also want to see some F-16's in action :P

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PostPosted 27.04.2008, 11:55 
Originally posted by Ferdinand1942

i have you writhe a PM

I tried to send a reply but your inbox is full, so here's the message;

Hi Ferdi,
When I release the Spitfire in a few weeks' time I will include instructions on how to adapt the script to your own designs. If you have any questions or problems just let me know and I'll do all I can to help you.

Best regards,
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PostPosted 27.04.2008, 17:19 
I have a question. Instead of pressing 9 to get in and O to get out of the plane why dont you just make it like a vehicle and press F to get in when you are near it and F again to exit?

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