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 Post Topic: RE: Oh no! I have gray textures!
PostPosted 01.04.2008, 22:28 
I painted in someone else's map

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PostPosted 01.04.2008, 22:40 
Ok first i generated terrain, i painted default with layer painter, i generated surface texture, and the i save and reopened. (I also put it in high specs)

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PostPosted 01.04.2008, 22:44 
maybe you "paint on surfaceID" - did you deactivate this?
IF yes - did you try to change the filter...?

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PostPosted 01.04.2008, 23:18 
Ok I need to know when im supposed to generate surface texture
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PostPosted 04.04.2008, 11:17 
It's obvious what the problem is if you examine Wing's second screenshot carefully!

Wing, you seem to have configured the Texture editor incorrectly. To start with, the path in the left hand dialog box says "game\Textures\Terrain\Detail\Default" It should start with the "Materials", for example: "Materials/terrain/plains_ferns_wet" since all the terrain textures are located in the "terrain" folder.

Secondly, the field where it says "Surface Type" is blank. That should show whatever name you gave to your selected texture.

I suggest you open the manual, click the "Index" button at the top and then click the letter "H". After that, read the section called "How to paint a terrain" because it contains instructions on how to add new textures to the terrain menu.
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PostPosted 15.04.2008, 03:21 
If you change the color or brightness you also need to click on the To Layer button. Otherwise it resets to the default which is way too bright the next time you select that layer.
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PostPosted 03.05.2008, 03:25 
Mine is doing the same, however none of what you people have suggesting fixes it for me. I made my map from scratch, i've been working on it for a month and all of a sudden i open it and the textures are white, ffs! I looked at backups of my level and they're all white aswell, retail levels load fine. Does anyone have any clue whats going on because i don't wanna lose all my work. Thankyou
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 Post Topic: RE: Oh no! I have gray textures!
PostPosted 13.05.2008, 08:03 
Hay Alex im new to Crysis stuff but ive found what the problem is. One of the downloads from this site is causing a bug with the terrain system. im not sure which one it is but i have a general idea. All my textures when demented and i uninstalled it. I didnt put any of the mods i had on before in. It was fine. I just stuck my mods in now, opened a level and it stuffed all my textures. I removed all the mods and now its ok. unfortunatly, the level is now stuffed for ever even though the mods are removed/

List of suspicious mods:



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PostPosted 18.05.2008, 18:44 
helo !

i'm new user of sandbox and the same problem for me.
i create a new document, following the basic tutorial here:

everything looks white when i drawn on my terrain.
i changed the time of day and now i start to see something ... not good but it's a way.

when i load a scene from the game, everything is ok.

so i fink the problem is 12h sun.
but not alone because when it try to draw a new layer texture, nothing appens...

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PostPosted 19.05.2008, 21:03 
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PostPosted 27.05.2008, 18:53 
i got white textures whenever i try to create a new map or anything, it works again if i reinstall crysis, but its a bummer doing that, and it all goes white anyway, i found this in the error log:
"[ 1] [Renderer] Generate DDN from BUMP texture failed (feature is no longer supported), artist need to setup TIF file to do this (tex. memory) textures/defaults/"

No idea what that means, but im guessing it means that it cant find the texture or something, all the ground textures are a bright white

also, it also says something about shaders missing

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PostPosted 29.05.2008, 14:52 
my ropes have turned gray yet the correct texture is applied, i've reloaded it and everything but it's still gray! lol
I don't suppose it's a memory leak is it, or am i doing something wrong?