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 Post Topic: [Release] - Agility Flowgraph v4.0
PostPosted 02.11.2008, 22:00 

Welcome to another official Crymod update regarding the amazing Agility Flowgraph asset that has been created by staff member and flowgraph expert Dark Shadow. Just before leaving for a period of absence, he left the latest verison of his innovative flowgraph which the community has embraced; today we've got details of this latest 4.0 version.

As part of his improvements, Dark Shadow has fixed a number of bugs and added new features to the flowgraphed feature, which are shown below in the latest 4.0 changelog. To see the entire list of features and to download the latest version of the flowgraph, visit its download database page here.

Changelog v4.0:

  • Randomly unable to pick up items after a ledge grab.
  • Wall run start can be accidentally triggered while pressing the specified keys near dense vegetation.
  • Random camera roll could happen sometimes at the beginning of a wall run.
  • Wall run can be spammed by repeatedly pressing and releasing its activating keys.
  • Directional wall run jump.
  • Wall jump direction dependant on the player's approach angle.
  • Player ragdollizes (fall on the ground) after an almost fatal fall.
  • Selected weapon before a ledge grab is automatically re-selected after leaving the edge.

Demonstration Video
In case you haven't seen the flowgraph in action or would like a reminder of this fantastic gameplay addition, we've got a YouTube video that shows off the flowgraph in all its glory.


If you'd like to see more progress from the creator or post your feedback, please pay a visit to the forum thread on Crymod here.

Related Links:
- Forum Thread: Agility Flowgraph
- Download: Agility Flowgraph

- Crymod Staff Team

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 Post Topic: RE: [Release] - Agility Flowgraph v4.0
PostPosted 02.11.2008, 22:05 
Fantastic work Darky, easily your best FG to date!

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 Post Topic: RE: [Release] - Agility Flowgraph v4.0
PostPosted 02.11.2008, 22:05 
Amazing work as usual, but I think there should be a limit on repeating walljumps, it's not realistic to be able to scale entire buildings by jumping from wall to wall...
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PostPosted 02.11.2008, 22:06 
AWESOME! Like Neo in the Matrix...! :D Prince!! Go to Hell!!! Dark Shadow rule!!!
Really like it! THX! Good job!
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PostPosted 02.11.2008, 22:11 
I can see Mirrors Edge mod for Crysis :rolleyes:

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PostPosted 02.11.2008, 22:13 
Originally posted by nahka^
I can see Mirrors Edge mod for Crysis :rolleyes:

[WIP] CryEdge - Mirrors Edge Tribute
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PostPosted 02.11.2008, 22:22 
Le nice! :D
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PostPosted 02.11.2008, 22:54 
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PostPosted 02.11.2008, 23:09 
thats my favorite flowgraph^^

This Flowgraph with CryEdge....nothing else^^

- Crysis2142

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PostPosted 02.11.2008, 23:19 


CryTek should hire guys who punch people who put 'Cry' into their mods names...
just for the cause... this also may stop the appearing of alot of never finished CryEngine rebuilds of other games

dundundun sad but true
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 Post Topic: RE: [Release] - Agility Flowgraph v4.0
PostPosted 03.11.2008, 03:26 
Some good fixes and changes there :)

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PostPosted 03.11.2008, 10:18 
totally amazing...maybe that´s why he´s the FG god :tongue:

but didn´t DS leave for the army?? :rolleyes:

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 Post Topic: RE: [Release] - Agility Flowgraph v4.0
PostPosted 03.11.2008, 15:02 
I didn't even know something like this would ever be possible.

That's amazing flowgraphing!

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PostPosted 03.11.2008, 19:06 
All we need is some animations, and it's golden.

This is the sort of thing I've wanted to see in Crysis, before Mirror's Edge did it. :P
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 Post Topic: RE: [Release] - Agility Flowgraph v4.0
PostPosted 04.11.2008, 02:13 
Yeah, I can definitely see this in that Mirror's Edge mod.:D And Nomad sounds so funny getting hurt compared to the American version.:tongue:

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