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 Post Topic: [Update] - European Nature Set v0.5
PostPosted 03.11.2008, 22:00 

Welcome to the official Crymod introduction of the latest update to community member and modeller michi:be and his naturepack series. Today he's updated his release with the Birchy Seasons pack, presenting birch trees from the varying seasons of the year. Today we have his latest work to present.

Update Screenshots
Shown below are some screenshots showing off the work that michi:be has done to his birch trees. The seasons included are summer, autumn and winter, along with four different varieties of the trees themselves. The pack can be downloaded from michi:be's site here.

Image Image Image

If you'd like to see more development updates from the creator or post your feedback, then visit the forum thread on Crymod here.

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- Crymod Staff Team

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 Post Topic: RE: [Update] - European Nature Set v0.5
PostPosted 03.11.2008, 22:01 
They look real!Good job michi ;)

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PostPosted 03.11.2008, 22:03 

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PostPosted 03.11.2008, 22:17 
Very nice mate ! good job :D

I might want to see in this, for my Chernobyl map :D

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PostPosted 03.11.2008, 22:31 
Looks really cool :)

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PostPosted 03.11.2008, 22:48 


[URL=] Image
ImplosiveGrenades New Model WIP[/URL]
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PostPosted 03.11.2008, 22:56 
Nice trees looks good.
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 Post Topic: RE: [Update] - European Nature Set v0.5
PostPosted 03.11.2008, 23:03 
Looks amazing, I love the vegetation you make.
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PostPosted 03.11.2008, 23:12 
I like it too :D

good work michi!

but what I miss on 99% of the trees in crysis are their roots ;)

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PostPosted 03.11.2008, 23:34 
I plan on using these in my next map! I'm venturing away from Islands!!! Great work!!

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PostPosted 03.11.2008, 23:40 
Lovely! these will fit in one of my maps! :D

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PostPosted 03.11.2008, 23:42 
once again great work!

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PostPosted 04.11.2008, 00:55 
nice to hear you like it. I will toy around with this vegetation a little bit more and see what i will do next. at the moment I'm doing some destroyable buildings for peprsonal uasge. its really fun to build up and destroy it afterwards over and over. :D

Michael Betke
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PostPosted 04.11.2008, 02:37 
Looks fantastic! ;)

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PostPosted 04.11.2008, 14:53 
These assets just elevate the versatility of Crysis to a whole new level.

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