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 Post Topic: Colony - Survival, open Positions.
PostPosted 14.03.2009, 01:20 
Hey guys colony is a detailed and very in depth mod looking at the life of a common fisher who is recruited as a privateer in the British navy and sent to sink Spanish treasure ships, The Mod will include very detailed story and realistic Custom animations, some of which are in already, The player will eventually become the leader of a colony in south America, and a huge RPG element of the mod will be shown, this element is Alex's click able menus, of which combined with Flash menus will create a buy and build system that is being experimented in game at the moment. I will not let of much more, I hope you will join our mod team and we will promise to give as much support and help as we can muster, Thank you, below are the open positions.

We are currently looking for ONE more Concept Artist

Asset Creation
    Modeler,Ships and other large wooden structures.
    Modeler,Weapons (Melee and ranged)(no rigging or animation required but highly useful)
    Character Modeler, or Texture'r
    Texture'r, able to create Good quality textures (Uvw mapping or Parallax occlusion creation is a useful addition.
    C++, Lua coder.
    Flash, Action script 2

We currently have a
    Coder, Flowcode and Lua
    Modeler, Weapons
    Modeler, Buildings and props
    Rigger, Weapons
    Animator, Weapons
    Animator, Character animation

If you are interested in joining please send me, or Alex a Pm and we will get back to you shortly.


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