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 Post Topic: [Update] - Valley
PostPosted 27.02.2010, 06:00 

Everyone had to have made their first map at some point. I know that for me, personally, it didn't come as an even decent success. However, for community member
DarkGhost209, he is on the track to making a well designed level. That level, of course, would be his level named Valley.

We have five screenshots for you today, all of which show off various areas throughout the map.

Image Image Image
Image Image

That's all for this update. Be sure to keep track of the author's thread for more updates on this map!

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- Forum Thread: Valley-First map

- Crymod Staff Team

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PostPosted 27.02.2010, 06:07 
Very nice, but the rock on the right in the 4th pic, it hurts

Bow to me faithfully, bow to me splendidly!
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PostPosted 27.02.2010, 06:53 
Woah! Wait I'm on the news? Hehe Didn't expect that but thank you for the news! =)
Btw I've fixed that part of the rock, it was my first voxel cliff so still working out the kinks. =)
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PostPosted 27.02.2010, 12:17 
Thats AwEsOmE!
Try make a darker shadows ;), it will be more suitable to jungle
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PostPosted 27.02.2010, 12:59 
Originally posted by ANDREW007CZ
Thats AwEsOmE!
Try make a darker shadows ;), it will be more suitable to jungle

+1 To all of that ;)