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 Post Topic: Mong0ose's WIP
PostPosted 11.03.2011, 20:01 
High poly Mk18 Mod0 CQB I'm working on, currently at 2.5M polys, around 75% complete



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PostPosted 11.03.2011, 20:02 
2,5M? That's for baking?
As always. ;)

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PostPosted 11.03.2011, 20:56 
Said it before and I will say it again, its a work of art. Really stunning mate.

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PostPosted 11.03.2011, 21:05 
Outstanding M...;)

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PostPosted 11.03.2011, 22:07 
simply fantistic work!
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PostPosted 11.03.2011, 22:47 
Wow... Just... Wow...

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PostPosted 12.03.2011, 02:24 
You never cease to amaze me, dude. Keep at it.

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PostPosted 12.03.2011, 02:29 
Mong0ose strikes again.

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PostPosted 12.03.2011, 02:48 
Great work man. Since you're adding so much detail, and staying close to a ref, I'll give you some crits here, since I'm a huge AR fan.


Nothing major, but since you're labeling this AR as a MK18 Mod 0, I went ahead and mentioned it!

Also, since most Mod0 use a KAC compensator, they have to use the KAC suppressor.

unless you're has a AAC flash hider/compensator that's the only way to mount yours :/

please, do not contact me about mod work. ;)

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PostPosted 12.03.2011, 03:14 
That is truly a work of art. Nice attention to details and the use of shadows.
May i ask what texture sizes you are planning on using?


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PostPosted 12.03.2011, 11:51 
Looks good Mong0ose.
Is this just a personal project or is it for something else?

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PostPosted 12.03.2011, 12:41 
Imagine the amount of awesome weaponry we'd have on the database of you released all your wonderful work! But yeah, this looks as beautiful as anything else you've made. Keep it up.

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PostPosted 12.03.2011, 18:02 
Beautiful work! :D The detail is amazing, I can't even begin to comprehend how you went about making this.

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PostPosted 12.03.2011, 19:10 
Thanks for all the feedback guys

@Drew - appreciate the crits & the refs mate, will have a crack at sorting those out


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PostPosted 12.03.2011, 19:27 
Mong0ose this is looking very very very very very good. But do you have any info over porting this to other games, aka crysis? And no as a answer isnt bad, but its a waste of the models ;) (mayB C2?)

And xReptarsx, if you reed this, any info on your models? ;) Good to see my dream come true, as i mentioned in reptars thread, if you guys work with each other, i will drool over my keyboard :D

Hellow, i am ^^ today