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 Post Topic: Screenshot Competition: Freestyle
PostPosted 10.11.2007, 14:51 

Please post in here all the pictures for the "Freestyle" competition.

Contest Information:
Be as creative as you can and surprise us with something totally unexpected! Everything is allowed to be used as long as it is related to Crysis.

  • Picture must be related to Crysis.
  • Programs like Adobe Photoshop or other tools are allowed.
Prize: Win a framed Crysis storyboard.

General Information:
The competition will start today November 10th and will finish at 8PM (CET/GMT+1) on Thursday, November 15th. After that date the Crymod Staff Team will pick the top favourites for each category. They will be posted in seperate threads where everyone in the community can vote for the winners.

Below you can find the rules each participant needs to follow:
  • Each person can do only one submittion per category.
  • You can participate in many categories as you want.
  • The resolution of all images is limited wo a width of 1024 (4:3, 16:9 or 16:10)
  • The pictures need to be posted as attachment into the correct thread. Please use the attachment button when doing a reply and not imageshack or other services.
  • The pictures for "Impressive Scenery" and "Funniest Moment" must be taken out of the Singleplayer Demo-Level "island" or any custom levels. Photo editing is NOT allowed.
  • The pictures for "Sandbox Creativity" must be taken by using the Sandbox2 Editor. Photo editing is NOT allowed.
  • The "Freestyle" category is not limited, but the photo must contain Crysis stuff from the Demo. Photo editing is allowed.
  • Editing your post/screen is allowed till end of the competition.
  • Pictures edited after the official end will not be taken into consideration.
  • In the case someone does not follow the rules from above the Crymod Staff Team will delete the contribution of this user.

How To Take A Screenshot:
Since the Demo has no ingame hotkey for taking a screenshot, these are the ways to create one:
  • Load up the level of your choice in the Sandbox2 Editor. With CTRL+G you can hop ingame. Use the Hotkey "F12" which works here.
  • Use Fraps to take ingame Screenshots.
  • Press the key "Print" if you are ingame. After that you can paste that picture into a photo-software and save it to your local harddisk.
  • In the editor open the console by pressing ~ (button left next to 1), now type in:
    e_screenshotwidth 1024
    e_screenshotheight XXX (Depends on your resolution)
    e_screenshot 1

We wish everyone good luck and we are really looking forward to seeing your contributions! :)

-Crymod Staff Team

Alexander Marschal
Crysis2 Project Manager

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PostPosted 10.11.2007, 21:56 
word !

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PostPosted 11.11.2007, 07:09 
I thought it would be fun to have a battle on my desktop, maybe make it into a power struggle where you had to hold on to your icons :p

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PostPosted 11.11.2007, 11:00 
A few tweaks on my earlier effort. *heh* Now staffing all dev positions for a Crysis Pirates mod - if interested, come find me or PiratePlunder.

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PostPosted 11.11.2007, 14:49 
Spartans tonight were dine in hell!

If I were given one hour to save the planet, I would spend 59 minutes defining the problem and one minute resolving it.

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PostPosted 11.11.2007, 15:14 

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PostPosted 12.11.2007, 03:11 
[font=comic sans ms]Here is my political statement for Crysis! For this reason - Crysis will not released in China! :tongue: [/font]

[font=comic sans ms]Please vote for me, thx! [/font]

[font=Arial Black]visit[/font]

Your Drac Vandetta

Your Drac Vandetta

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PostPosted 12.11.2007, 07:48 
HAHAHAHA! nice one !!! :easter:

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 Post Topic: Its keeps going and going..
PostPosted 13.11.2007, 14:08 
who said the overseas market isnt a big supplier

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PostPosted 13.11.2007, 21:33 
Originally posted by obiwahn


That is absolute class! We have a winner, right here!
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PostPosted 14.11.2007, 03:25 

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PostPosted 15.11.2007, 16:36 
Here's my Crysis comic^^

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PostPosted 15.11.2007, 19:33 
Can it, Psyco! :)
Good work anyway...
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PostPosted 15.11.2007, 21:02 
Thank you all :)