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 Post Topic: Voting: Sandbox Creativity
PostPosted 18.11.2007, 16:37 

Please vote here for "Sandbox Creativity".

Contest Information:
This part of the contest is about setting up something creative by using Sandbox2 Editor. Take the assets included in the Editor and use the given Sandbox tools. The mind is your only limitation!

Top 5 Finalists:

1. ToasterBot

2. Exer

3. Maloof

4. wolfi

5. 9of9

Voting Deadline:
The voting will remain active till Wednesday, November 21st!


Alexander Marschal
Crysis2 Project Manager

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PostPosted 18.11.2007, 21:42 
ToasterBot rulez! ;)

hehe really Funny!

I don't wanna meet this one in Game... :easter:
Getting Crunched between his Teeth wouldn't be that funny... :)

Best Regards, Schwarzer Riese
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PostPosted 18.11.2007, 23:56 
I'm a finalist?!
Ok then...

Good luck guys!
May the best screenshot win.
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PostPosted 19.11.2007, 10:07 
ToasterBot for me.
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PostPosted 19.11.2007, 15:00 
Toaster, lmao massive robot. nice one.
very nice entry's off every one.

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PostPosted 19.11.2007, 17:14 
I like the actic picture.
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PostPosted 19.11.2007, 18:20 
I`m going with #5.
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PostPosted 19.11.2007, 20:42 
I voted for Toasterbot becuse it really makes me laugh.

Tho i think Exer should win, its pretty neat.

I just don't really think 9of9's picture matches this category :/

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PostPosted 19.11.2007, 23:00 
Really? :P Why do you reckon that?

Actually, I must admit I like Maloof's best. The setting's lovely - awe-inspiring and picturesque, I'm really surprised so few have voted for his!


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PostPosted 19.11.2007, 23:26 
Great pics... pretty hard to pick one ! ;)

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PostPosted 20.11.2007, 23:19 
Hey, just wanted to say thanks to everyone that voted for my screeny :)

Also goodluck to everyone ;)
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PostPosted 21.11.2007, 03:25 
LOL @ ToasterBot ... love it

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PostPosted 21.11.2007, 17:38 
9of9 has my vote.

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PostPosted 21.11.2007, 18:45 
2 and 3 looks good :)