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 Post Topic: Re: Crymod Members Introduction
PostPosted 24.11.2011, 06:57 
Hello crydev community,

Ive come from the fallout modding scene, gamebryo and creation engine just dont cut it for me anymore, and cryengine, ohh, just beautiful. Anyways Im looking to start creating a few mods after Ive taught myself a programming language, either LUA or C++, so while I do that, Ill be here, reading and getting my feet wet with the editor and game logic.

See you in the trenches!

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 Post Topic: Re: Crymod Members Introduction
PostPosted 04.12.2011, 22:21 
Hello, Cry-Developers! I'm Aeries, and have come all the way from the Bridge Commander Community, right to your doorstep. I'm an experienced 3D Modeler and creative writer, studying Game Art & Design as a full-time student. Hopefully soon, some projects will be made public here as my team will be looking for new and experienced developers! I sincerely hope to build an effective and fun team experience for all, and to learn from each other as well!

See you all out there!
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 Post Topic: Re: Crymod Members Introduction
PostPosted 08.12.2011, 13:10 
Hey forumers! I'm Mohammad, 28 years old and at the moment I'm living in Austria. I have Master in Architecture. Since a year ago I got interested in designing game-space and environment, so I want to use my artistic skills in architecture to step into game industry. I really don't wanna work in a boring architectural office :cheesy: while ago I started playing around with cryengine and at the moment I'm working on a multiplayer map for Crysis2. I know pretty well 3ds max since 9 years ago (poly modeling, rendering in V-ray and a bit of Rigging and maxScript). Also bunch of other softwares like: PS, AE, priemier, boujou, Thinking Particles, 3d coat, Rhino, a bit of Maya,..... and at the moment I started learning Lua. Before Cryengine I doodled around a bit with Unity.
I really like Cryengine and this Forum and hope one day will be able to work in Crytek.
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 Post Topic: Re: Crymod Members Introduction
PostPosted 23.12.2011, 06:50 
Hello everyone,
my name is Vitor Teixeira I'm from Espinho, Portugal.
I have 28 years old and I'm giving the first steps in this industry.
I'm a generalist artist, beginner level, and I got inspired by Steve Bender article about Cinematic Designers.
“HEY! I do that that really well!”

Well I don't do it well and I never did it before but I always felt attracted to this area. Being unemployed has it's advantages so for now I have some time to dedicate to what i want and enjoy. I've already played Crysis 2 for XBOX 360 and I loved it so I decided to buy the PC version and download the MOD SDK to start playing around with Sandbox.
Well I'll probably start a thread in the next days and I'll be participating in the forums as well. I just want to have fun, learn and help in any matter that i can.
See you guy's around.

When inspiration arises, it will find you working.
(John Cage)
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 Post Topic: Re: Crymod Members Introduction
PostPosted 25.12.2011, 21:59 
Hello everyone.
My name is Marcin(Martin). I'm from Lodz in Poland. I have 16 years old and study IT.
I'm interesting 3d modelind and level design.

Sorry for my weak english
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 Post Topic: Re: Crymod Members Introduction
PostPosted 04.01.2012, 14:32 
What's up guys?

My name is Mario and I am 16 years old.
I live on Tirana, Albania and I have come here to learn modding for Crysis 2.
Althrough I am a modder to Resident Evil 4 & 5. (texture or graphic designer)
Also i like games with Action, Horror and Fantasy. I am a PC owner and soon will be a PS3 owner.


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 Post Topic: Re: Crymod Members Introduction
PostPosted 08.01.2012, 20:25 
y0 guys, Im Filip Vondra located at Ceske Budejovice in Czech Republic. Im 16 years old and Im going on high-school. I study "Mechanic/Adjuster". I do not like this kind of job but I do not have another choice. Well, I started on Crysis 1 and I were so amazed by graphics. Then, I´ve found graphic mod and I tested a thousands of them. So, I decided to try Crysis 2 modding which is going very well and it´s alot easier then Crysis. Cheerio :))
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 Post Topic: Re: Crymod Members Introduction
PostPosted 08.01.2012, 22:12 
Hello, I'm Mocib. I've gone 38 times around the sun and, if I got this right, 0.000015-0.000019% of one revolution around the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy. I've lived my 38 full years here in Finland.

I've been very passionate about computer games since the early 1980s. I've been doing the news and forum administration over at for a few years now. That's one job that I really, really like to do.

Crydev is a good and friendly place so that's why I like to hang out here as well.
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 Post Topic: Re: Crymod Members Introduction
PostPosted 09.01.2012, 23:07 
^ who is this random?


Welcome to all the newbies & to 2012! :xmas:

Just realised this thread needs a rename!

EDIT: feels weird & dangerous renaming a sticky from 2007!

No dev/modding PM's please, use the forums! :)
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 Post Topic: Re: Crymod Members Introduction
PostPosted 11.01.2012, 01:37 
Quote by Cry-Adam:
^ who is this random?


Hey, it's never too late :]
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 Post Topic: Introduction
PostPosted 19.01.2012, 00:30 
Hi All,

I stumbled across the CryEngine when doing some research into Physics engines for the C# programming language. How I got from C# to the C++ CryEngine 3 is still not known to me, but I made my way here and found myself highly intrigued towards it.

A little background:

I'm a .NET application developer, I'm familiar with all things C# (C-Sharp) related. I have knowledge in Java, C++, .NET Languages (VisualBasic, C#, etc.), PHP, and database programming such as MySQL and MSSQL stored procedures.

In any case, I'm no modeler -- and the reason I'm really here, is because 6 years ago I had a vision of creating a game. 6 years ago, however, I didn't have the skill set I have today in the development of programs which is mandatory in the creation of game development.

Well, I'm back and ready to begin my long and treacherous journey back down that path -- with my new knowledge, looking of course to create the greatest game ever to exist.

I'll be going home later tonight to play with the CryEngine rather than work on the development of my own game engine, with hopes that it is everything I'm thinking it to be...

The game in question is going to be an "RPG" style game. Think of it like Dark Souls meets Diablo kind of hack-in-slash.

Looking forward to being a part of this community for a long time to come, and even more so, getting to know you 3D Modelers out there, because I will seriously need your talents if I continue with CE3. :p
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 Post Topic: Re: Introduction
PostPosted 19.01.2012, 00:42 
Did NOT see this until now...


AWESOME. As C# and .NET are my native languages... CE3 is getting sweeter by the minute...
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 Post Topic: Re: Introduction
PostPosted 19.01.2012, 01:02 
Hey welcome to the cry dev forums.

Dark souls meets hack and slash diablo hmm I like. :)
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 Post Topic: Re: Introduction
PostPosted 19.01.2012, 02:23 
Glad to have you, welcome.

"The DAY AFTER" set in an open world Chicago and NY
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 Post Topic: Re: Introduction
PostPosted 19.01.2012, 03:48 
I would love to see a game on CE3 with the atmosphere of the original Diablo. Man that game was terrifying (in the good way) and the music was superb.