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 Post Topic: Last Human Games - Zombie Game Project
PostPosted 19.04.2012, 05:46 
We are recruiting for a zombie game realistic and innovative!

[Characteristics of the game]

Title: Last human
Genre: Action and horror
Platform: PC
Theme: Zombie Infection
Camera: First Person
Price: FREE
Engine: CryENGINE 3
Project started: February 2012

[Game Play]

-> Realistic Blood and Gore
-> Only SinglePlayer
-> 25 Maps
-> Customization of weapons

[Positions available]

-> 3D Artist (3Ds MAX)
- With experience in Expotação / Import to CE3
- With experience in creation of characters
- With experience in Animation and rigação

-> Programmer C / C + + / LUA
- With experience in programming CE3

-> Level Designer
- With experience in creating maps in CE3
- With experience in land Texturing

[Current Members]

-> SamuelJam:
- Team Leader / Level Designer
-> Wkwkwkwk1:
- 3D Artist / C + + Scripter


-> Hotmail:


[Ps.: Anyone who is willing to join the team, must have time to engage in the project.]

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 Post Topic: Re: Last Human Games - Zombie Game Project
PostPosted 19.04.2012, 07:20 
Tell more about the story of your "zombie game".

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 Post Topic: Re: Last Human Games - Zombie Game Project
PostPosted 19.04.2012, 18:21 
Well, I just provided the history of our game, this game is a very complex and engaging fiction. What you guys are going to read is just a part of history.

Game provided:

June 2012. A scientist holds its own body, to prove to the world that it is possible to freeze and after years wake up and have a normal life.
June 2027, exactly 15 years after its freezing, he wakes up and sees that the world was completely devastated, destroyed by a highly contagious infection that turns the infected into undead. Then he travels the country and the world in search of survivors and explanations.

Samuel Machado:

Ok, I've been taking a look at several games of zombies, and most of them are in fictional scenarios or too unrealistic.
Thinking about it I decided to make the game in real scenarios, real cities. I can say that our character will go from the northern United States, Europe up. Many games are just zombies in states and cities, so I decided to break this barrier and make our character across countries in search of survivors.
The game also will have a very engaging soundtrack, and lots of action.