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PostPosted 08.12.2007, 23:56 
I still wait for my zombies :tongue:

Please excuse my english. :easter:

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PostPosted 09.12.2007, 13:47 
I still wait for v1.0 of this program!! lol :))
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PostPosted 10.12.2007, 01:11 
Request Title: Automatic Depth of Field Focus Distance based on selected object
Request Description: ...

If I understood you correctly, you want a DOF effect which dynamically changes it's focus distance to whatever you are looking at?

The math stuff before I feed the distance into the DOF Focus Distance is just to ensure it doesn't become 0 when you look up in the sky. Good idea!

How do I damage the player in the FG?

This way:

Replace the key input with whatever you want to trigger the damage.

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PostPosted 10.12.2007, 21:34 
Request Title: Stealing AI equipment
Request Description: Alter the equipment of an AI-Entity with flowgraphs.

I want to disarm KVAs, but I don't know how to give or take equipment to/from them.
A small example of how to remove a weapon (or all weapons) from an AI would be enough.

It's easy with the players inventory, but i don't find a node for AI.

thanks a lot


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 Post Topic: Light Switch Flow Graph
PostPosted 10.12.2007, 23:44 
Originally posted by modsuki
Request Title: Switching Light ON/OFF
Request Description:
If push(use) a light switch, light turn on & if push it again, light turn off... loop.

thanks. :tongue:

Here you go. :easter:

I also added a sound for the light switch and destroying the light switch will disable the light.
By adding a second destroyableobject and linking it to the upper Logic: Any you will also be
able to disable the light.


PS: Excuse my English! :rolleyes:


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PostPosted 11.12.2007, 01:00 
Request Title: HUD Indicators on a given object.
Request Description: You know the grenade indicators that appear on screen? Or the objective icon when you look at an objective through binoculars? Well, I would like it so that after a specified trigger, a specified object is indicated on your HUD by a similar indicator. (Although any good indicator will do! :)))

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PostPosted 11.12.2007, 14:09 
Flowgraph editor is such brilliance...

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 Post Topic: Bino
PostPosted 11.12.2007, 15:47 
Request Title: Binocular Target
Request Description: Using the bino to highlight objects

not like the objectives in SP.. where its on the map and bino..
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PostPosted 12.12.2007, 06:04 
Request Title: Objectives on the radar.
Request Description: I want to have some buildings to show in radar as objectives. So it would be nice that some of my key buildings will be red and shown in the radar so player would know that they are important places to go.
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PostPosted 12.12.2007, 09:50 
NdisIP : This FlowGraph should also come in handy, but I was saying something different.

For example let's say you are making a cut scene. And you film with a camera two soldiers. And the camera is far away, but you animate it to move closer and closer to one of the soldier (or a rock or some other object). And some how you should "select" or "tell the camera" that this is the object I wanna keep "clear" all the time. So even you move closer and closer with camera, the object should remain clear.


I made a short animation and made it a gif. I hope it's visible ok.

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PostPosted 12.12.2007, 11:11 
Request Title : Change Camera View

Request Description : change the camera view from first person to 3rd person upon pressing a key.
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PostPosted 12.12.2007, 13:31 
Thank you IchBinNeKrabbe!!! I'll try it! :P

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PostPosted 12.12.2007, 18:46 
Originally posted by Chin
Request Title : Change Camera View

Request Description : change the camera view from first person to 3rd person upon pressing a key.

If you're testing in the editor, press f1! :))
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PostPosted 13.12.2007, 21:06 
Request Title : Player Checkpoint Racing Score

Request Description : Gives Players (in multiplayer) additional score (or frags) for entering an area trigger in a vehicle (The finish line, which also functions as the start line).

Ideally, all of the players would join a game. after enough players have joined, the game would start the normal deathmatch countdown til game start. Game starts and all players spawn behind start/finish line in a vehicle. Player have the opportunity to choose a differant vehicle by pressing a number key as specified by HUD display message. So like "Press 1 for Light Jeep
Press 2 for Asian Truck
Press 3 for Hovercraft" ETC
then the players start racing and the game would keep track of certain checkpoints (area triggers) that the players must reach in order, before they can cross the finish line thus recieving an additional 5+ frags or score points. you would then set a time limit for the server or a fraglimit which players can reach by either racing or just killing each other (alot) using vehicle mounted weaponry.

any thoughts? is this even possible? Help Greatly appreciated

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PostPosted 15.12.2007, 23:05 
sebastian___: I misunderstood, sorry. This is what you would want then: