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 Post Topic: Voxel Editor
PostPosted 27.05.2012, 15:37 
Hello everyone.

my problem is the inside of the voxel. i made a hole inside a mountain and the lenght of the hole is
three voxels long. the problem exists between the secound and the third voxel. when i go into the cave suddenly the hole disappears and i can see the water under the mountain. if i went through
this hole the rest of the cave appears.

i tried to make a vis area around the cave but this doesn´t worked.

i attached two pictures for you to show my problem


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 Post Topic: Re: Voxel Editor
PostPosted 30.05.2012, 19:13 
Hallo Again,

I need every help i can get because i can´t get on with the progress of my map until the voxel problem is fixed i hope that someone helps me with the problem.

if anybody knows how to fix it pls post the reason or write me a pm for more detail of the problem.
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 Post Topic: Re: Voxel Editor
PostPosted 02.06.2012, 13:19 
/split to CryENGINE 2 area - that forum is for the CryENGINE 3 Free SDK tools :)

Hopefully someone with voxel knowledge will be able to help you with this one.

No dev/modding PM's please, use the forums! :)
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 Post Topic: Re: Voxel Editor
PostPosted 03.06.2012, 07:46 
Have you tried increasing the size of the one voxel box rather than attaching three together? Also be sure to use the snap tool and line the boxes up by the pixel, continuity problems can happen like this if voxels "overlap" or merge too much.