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 Post Topic: Release: Natural Mod v2.0.1 for Crysis! *UPDATE*
PostPosted 31.01.2008, 09:00 

After a long development process with a few beta and early version releases pydon from our forums is happy to announce the release of the "Natural Mod v2.0.1" for Crysis. This modification not only improves upon Crysis's already impressive visual elements by making them appear much more realistic, it also does not affect the performance of your PC at all. To show off the difference between the original Crysis version and his mod, the author released quite a few comparison screenshots and also managed to create a very nice presentation video.

A new version of the mod has been released that is stated as version 2.0.1. It includes a hotfix about the night script that caused issued in the release version 2.0. You can get it from the download link further below.

Comparison Shots

These shots were taken in the retail map Rescue. The images on the left are from vanilla Crysis, and the images on the right are after shots. In the respective, WIP thread which link can be found further below, you will see many more comparison screenshots.

Image Image

Image Image

Maps Affected

Here's a list of some of the retail maps that have been modified by the mod. The left name is the map name as it's referred to in Sandbox, and the other name is the actual level name. Keep in mind that the mod installer does backup the original .pak files of the retail levels, so nothing gets lost or overwritten.

  • Island - Contact
  • Village - Rescue
  • Rescue - Relic
  • Harbor - Assault
  • Tank - Onslaught
  • Mine - Awakening
  • Sphere - Exodus
  • Ascension - Ascension

The Mod in Action

Here's an official presentation video from the author. It is a definitely must-watch since it shows the different sceneries of the retail levels that appear in a new look the mod introduces. Double click on the video once it is running to get it into fullscreen mode for a better view.

[STAGE6]wip/natural mod/2142061.divx[/STAGE6]

v2.0.1 change log

Here's a list of changes that have been made to the mod in version 2.0.1. You can find the changes for the earlier released version of the mod in the download link further below.

  • better night
  • better moon
  • better dawn and dusk
  • less bright sky during the day
  • darker shadows and inside (new System.cfg)
  • NEW: realistic moon position
  • NEW: grain and low saturation during the night
  • NEW: loading screens
  • FIX: clouds slightly orange before dawn on Island map
  • FIX: ambient fog slightly violet
  • FIX: night script
Development Screenshots

Pydon has included additional screenshots as well. These show the progress the mod has made during its development and the final rresults of version 2.0.1. The screenshots show quite clearly how the settings of the levels changed from vanilla Crysis up to the latest release version.

Day Settings

Image Image Image

Dusk/Dawn Settings

Image Image Image

We have already added this awesome mod to the downloads section. You can find it here. The TOD (Time Of Day) files are included inside the download in case you want to modify them to your own tastes. Here are some installation instructions to help you install the mod.

1. Launch the installer and follow the instructions
2. Launch the game

Remark n°1: the installer saves the original files modified by the Natural Mod in the "Levels_backup" folder
Remark n°2: the installer copies a file "System.cfg" at the root of your Crysis directory
Remark n°3: if you already have a "System.cfg", it will be renamed as "System_backup.cfg"

This "System.cfg" removes HDR glitches and enables all necessary effects for a very high quality with a smooth framerate. However, it disables depth of field and hitblur, because those effects radically reduce performance, especially in fights. If you really want to re-enable them, open the file with the Notepad and modify the desired line by replacing "OptionX=0" by "OptionX=1" in section "SET TO 1 TO REACTIVATE".

Related Links:
- Forum Thread [RELEASE] Natural Mod for Crysis
- Download Natural Mod for Crysis v2.0.1 (incl. hotfix)

-Crymod Staff Team

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 Post Topic: RE: Release: Natural Mod v2.0 for Crysis!
PostPosted 31.01.2008, 12:02 
Fantastic!! :D

Congrats pydon, would love to see some maps made by you with your TOD's :D

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PostPosted 31.01.2008, 12:07 
this mod is awesome! I'm definitely going to try it out :)


Alexander Marschal
Crysis2 Project Manager
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PostPosted 31.01.2008, 12:12 
This is way better than the standard lightning in the game :)


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PostPosted 31.01.2008, 12:29 
v2.0 is looking much better!

Level Artist
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PostPosted 31.01.2008, 13:16 
Woot! V nice.

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PostPosted 31.01.2008, 14:09 
mod news & downloads section updated with the latest released version 2.0.1 :)


Alexander Marschal
Crysis2 Project Manager
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PostPosted 31.01.2008, 15:08 
Looks amazing, will definitely be trying it, need to play through the game again anyway :).

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 Post Topic: RE: Release: Natural Mod v2.0.1 for Crysis! *UPDATE*
PostPosted 31.01.2008, 16:14 
That's VERY VERY good.
Nice mod!
Congratulations! :D
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 Post Topic: RE: Release: Natural Mod v2.0.1 for Crysis! *UPDATE*
PostPosted 31.01.2008, 17:37 
thanks a lot!

looks awsome i will try it out once the download section is up and running!

kick ass forum!!!
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PostPosted 31.01.2008, 17:50 

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PostPosted 31.01.2008, 19:19 
Pydon, you must admit that you removed the orange looking shores at dawn a bit again this time? :rolleyes: Hm pitty cause i liked it in 1.2 :-(

Also i don't see why there is no SSAO amount i mean it would great. I have just modified the island2.tod and it looks aloooot better with SSAO so y not be standard :P

But overall you improved it clearly there's no question of course.

The new water looks way better i think.

But sadly in the picture comparisons I'd find the standard ones better simply because they aren't glowy like that in my opinion mor realistically.

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PostPosted 31.01.2008, 21:24 

I have a problem because all my layers became white.
What went wrong???

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PostPosted 18.03.2008, 23:33 
And I thought 1.2 looked great... Downloading now! :tongue:

This accompanied with solecist's Reality Enhancement Mod makes Crysis an awesome game. :)