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 Post Topic: Get The Crysis Mod SDK v1.2 Now!
PostPosted 07.03.2008, 19:00 

With the Crysis Patch 1.2 release yesterday the world-wide gaming community received their long awaited update. Today we are happy to please the modding community with the release of the second Mod Software Development Kit for the award-winning FPS Crysis.

Mod SDK - Description
The first version of the SDK came with tools and assets the modders require to get their own creations exported into the Sandbox2 Editor which allows them to create complete new levels and modifications with outstanding content.

The Mod SDK v1.2 is the second release and includes the highly anticipated game source code of Crysis. With this code it is possible to implement your own functionalities and brand new features into the game and share it with the community.

In addition we also re-worked the installer to fix some problems and to make the whole installation process more comfortable to you. We also implemented the Softimage|XSI Mod Tool as separate zipped file that comes with example assets for you to work with.

Mod SDK v1.2 – Changelog
The list below represents the latest changes you will find in this SDK version:

  • Fixed: Folder structure issue with SDK_Mod suit demonstration level
  • Fixed: MaxScript Warning popping up during export
  • Fixed: Copy process gives warning instead of crashing if a prerequisite is missing
  • Added: Crysis Patch2 based Mod source code
  • Added: XSI Add-On (including Examples) as a zipped file
  • Optimized: Warning to close affected programs pops up on start
  • Optimized: ReadMe switched to html
  • Optimized: Installation rules for Plug-in are now more flexible
Documentation – Sandbox2 Manual Update
Following new tutorials/references have been applied to the Sandbox2 Manual:

Getting Started:
  • Installation of Sandbox2 Editor
Editor Basics:
  • Scene Organisation – Object Selection Floater
Basic Tutorials:
  • Set up a Mod in Crysis
  • Time Of Day
  • Terrain Editing
  • Terrain Layers
  • Terrain Lighting
  • Decal
  • Gravity Volume
  • Road Tool
  • River Tool
  • Voxel Object
  • Track View Editor

Documentation - Asset Creation Update
In addition the Asset Creation Manual received an update as well. Plenty of new tutorials and references have been added. Please keep in mind that the manual is still Work In Progress and will receive constant updates.

Basics – General Info:
  • Exporting and Importing Animations
Basics – Character:
  • 1st Person Characters
  • CBA File Reference

Documentation – Programming Manual Update
We also would like to introduce you to a completely new manual called “Programming Manualâ€

Alexander Marschal
Crysis2 Project Manager

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 Post Topic: RE: Get The Crysis Mod SDK v1.2 Now!
PostPosted 07.03.2008, 19:00 
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeees :D
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PostPosted 07.03.2008, 19:01 

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PostPosted 07.03.2008, 19:04 
let the games begin

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PostPosted 07.03.2008, 19:04 

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PostPosted 07.03.2008, 19:05 
finaly :D

thanks !!! :easter:

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PostPosted 07.03.2008, 19:06 
More surprises, wow Crytek you drive me crazy :):)

I can´t handle this stuff that fast if more is coming.

PS. This time i don´t provide a mirror for this one, Patch 1.2 is still keeping my site busy enough :P


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PostPosted 07.03.2008, 19:07 
:0 nice!!
Ty Crytek! :]

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 Post Topic: RE: Get The Crysis Mod SDK v1.2 Now!
PostPosted 07.03.2008, 19:07 
*does a cabbage patch dance*

Thanks, CryTek!

Is there anything left unreleased to the SDK community? Or is this everything?

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 Post Topic: RE: Get The Crysis Mod SDK v1.2 Now!
PostPosted 07.03.2008, 19:12 
Come out a bit quick hasent it?

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 Post Topic: RE: Get The Crysis Mod SDK v1.2 Now!
PostPosted 07.03.2008, 19:14 
Thanks, another sleepless weekend for me :P

Originally posted by DarkRoy
Come out a bit quick hasent it?

So? :D

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 Post Topic: RE: Get The Crysis Mod SDK v1.2 Now!
PostPosted 07.03.2008, 19:17 
great.. If im right neither 1.2 patches update the CE2 correct... the editor is still the same version... I was told by OE2 members Clivey ect... that with the 1st SDK the CE Sandbox would get updated?????

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 Post Topic: RE: Get The Crysis Mod SDK v1.2 Now!
PostPosted 07.03.2008, 19:21 
Er I didnt say that.

The "ENGINE" gets updated with patches as the Editor is more or less a frontend to it. The SDK never updates the editor and never has. If that was a quote from the OE2 site, it wasnt me that made it.

Please dont quote me on things I havent said.

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 Post Topic: RE: Get The Crysis Mod SDK v1.2 Now!
PostPosted 07.03.2008, 19:26 
ok you realeased a patch..its worse than before...and now woth the SDK your just giving the hackers more tools,,,great job,,try getting rid of cheaters and fixing the installers because 90% of the poeple i see in game chat have technical issues,,,dont be like so many other companies and let us down.get it done already.
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PostPosted 07.03.2008, 19:26 

But i dont see anything about animation graf and lmg file

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