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 Post Topic: Crymod & [00] Crysis Community Map Pack #1 - Welcome To The
PostPosted 23.04.2008, 18:00 

In cooperation with the well known German Multigaming clan Die Doppelnullen we have created the "Crysis Community Mappack #1". From now on you will get regular compilation packs for your favorite game that include both Singleplayer and Multiplayer levels.

10 Multiplayer maps have been chosen and have been added to this Map Pack. Some of these maps are really special. There is a remake of the famous Far Cry map mp_surf and it looks even better then the original map in Far Cry. Other maps are a fixed version of the Crytek map Training and some other cool maps which have been created since the release.

Instant Action
  • Old Mine by SirRobs
  • War Forest by kornseb83
  • Crossroad by SirRobs
  • Jungle by DOuCheBAgMaN
  • mp_surf by Marc Wenzel

Power Struggle
  • Training_f by Kloppi87
  • Outpost2 by melcom
  • Tremor by sebotronik
  • Rock by Edolsian
  • Inlet by Edolsian

Detailed Description
Old Mine (IA)

by SirRobs

Description: This map takes place in an old mine. It remembers a littlebit of the old Indiana Jones style. This is already the third map for Crysis of SirRobs and it won´t be his last. You can also find his other map called Crossroads in this map pack.

Image Image Image


War Forest (IA)

by kornseb83

Description: This is a small forest map with a village in the middle. A really good and small map and good playable if you just have a small amount of players.

Image Image Image


Crossroad (IA)

by SirRobs

Description: Another map by SirRobs which is mainly played in tournaments and the ESL league. It is well balanced for 1on1 matches and it is based on the famous Crysis setting. A coast with a village and some small details.

Image Image Image


Jungle (IA)

by DOuCheBAgMaN

Description: When seeing this map you can be sure the creator had the famous pre Crysis E3 Demo in mind when creating this map. A deep jungle combined with the industrial setting makes this map some kind of special.

Image Image Image


mp_surf (IA)

by Marc Wenzel

Description: This map is a remake of the famous Far Cry map. It was one of the favorite maps of most Far Cry users and is already played much on public servers. Comparing it with the original shows that Far Cry would indeed look cool with the CryEngine2.

Image Image Image


Training_f (PS)

by Crytek (fixes by Kloppi87)

Description: This map was originally done by Crytek and was released in the last Tournament Map Pack. Unfortunately this map had tons of bugs and balancing issues Kloppi87 fixed with this version.

Image Image Image


Outpost2 (PS)

by melcom

Description: Outpost is a small map which is done for small battles. With many tunnels and ways to hide it is ready for tactical gameplay with some friends. The designer did a good job with combining the several object to one structure.

Image Image Image


Tremor (PS)

by sebotronik

Description: The designer was experimenting with L3DT and thought the resulting height map looks great for a multiplayer map. So he imported the height field and the texture map and then worked on the details, because the texture map was not really good in detail. Placing the buildings is always an important thing for the gameplay. He did a good job withit because his map is full of details.

Image Image Image


Rock (PS)

by Edolsian

Description: If you know Mesa, the most played map in Crysis, you feel welcome when playing this map. It takes also place in a desert environment and has a similar structure which is also based on massive air fights. It is not recommended to play this map with less then 20 players because it is really huge.

Image Image Image


Inlet (PS)

by Edolsian

Description: The default Crysis environment was used in this map. According to the fact that this map is played often and was also already added to the ESL map pool shows that it is well balanced. If you get bored of this setting try the other map from Edolsian which is also included in this pack.

Image Image Image


Game Server
Die Doppelnullen and their provider K-Play are also supporting us with a Game Server that is running these levels in the level rotation.

Name: [00]Publics #1 by K-Play

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-Crymod Staff Team

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 Post Topic: RE: Crymod & [00] Crysis Community Map Pack #1 - Welcome To
PostPosted 23.04.2008, 18:22 
Great pack !! :) Some really nice quality maps in there.

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 Post Topic: RE: Crymod & [00] Crysis Community Map Pack #1 - Welcome To
PostPosted 23.04.2008, 18:23 
How about we just get the autodownloader and wont have to worry about this ;)

Great map pack btw.
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 Post Topic: RE: Crymod & [00] Crysis Community Map Pack #1 - Welcome To
PostPosted 23.04.2008, 18:50 
Originally posted by c4Te
From now on you will get regular compilation packs for your favorite game that include both Singleplayer and Multiplayer levels.

Wow, I didn't know Final Fantasy VII supported multiplayer, or custom maps. Nice!!!

On a more serious note, it's a great map pack, but autodownloader still reigns supreme.
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PostPosted 23.04.2008, 19:18 
Wow... extremely well done. Love them, Me and my friends love playing them on LAN :D

Edit: When playing on lan, is it possible to have maps load from one Computer/server? instead of putting them on all of the computers? Or is that basically where the "autodownloader" comes in?


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 Post Topic: Hi
PostPosted 23.04.2008, 19:23 
Hi great Map Pack well create maps and stuff i am going to download this now!

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PostPosted 23.04.2008, 19:55 
Thats good maps :))

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 Post Topic:
PostPosted 23.04.2008, 20:29 
Cool map pack I guess...still nobody will be playing them without an autodownloader.

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PostPosted 23.04.2008, 20:39 
There are about 22500 registered forum users, let's assume 10000 are active and about 2000 discover this announcement and another 1000 just download them off the downloads section.

Isn't 3000 people enough to play the maps with for now ? (not counting in the downloads from other forums and game sites)
Help spread the word of the forums and the downloads section until (if ever) a auto-downloader is released.
Map packs are a better approach for now IMHO.

By the way, the maps look good, might give them a try.

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PostPosted 23.04.2008, 20:53 
Seems good , but also performance killing
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PostPosted 23.04.2008, 21:57 
can't wait to play them!
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PostPosted 23.04.2008, 22:39 
Thank you much, but I have to add that Jungle Night (the same Map just in Night) has a really more intensive Feeling than the day Version and at all has a very cool feeling and ambiance at night, would be a Map for the next mappack ;)

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 Post Topic:
PostPosted 23.04.2008, 23:46 
Great mappack!
Those packs give the multiplayer community more live!
Thanks :rolleyes:

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 Post Topic: RE: Crymod & [00] Crysis Community Map Pack #1 - Welcome To
PostPosted 24.04.2008, 00:17 
dang someone beat me to community map pack

i was going to make one

well its still WIP

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 Post Topic:
PostPosted 24.04.2008, 00:36 
Are there any .cry files included?

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