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 Post Topic: [Update] WIP Level: The Crater
PostPosted 12.05.2008, 18:00 

Welcome to an update of Cell-666's Power Struggle map The Crater, which is based on the Arizona Crater using real world elevation. The crater is 1,200 m in diameter and 170 m deep. The update contains of some new screenshots of the current progress of the map. The map is still work in progress, so keep on checking the forum thread for more information and future updates.


Nearly full sized airfield now in place. Plenty of roaming space and scenery to look at. As with the refinery base I have a custom HQ, which is the Terminal and Tower. A little idea I had was to have a custom base spawn instead of the usual barracks. The C17 which is in the hanger is now the base spawn. Players will spawn inside the C-17 itself. It's pretty cool running out of the lowered loading bay door! I've not shown it in the shots as there is something inside I don't want to show yet. Some of you may work it out from a previous post. Also a semi-custom small vehicle factory too (nearly shown lol ) You may spot it if you keen enough.

Here are some picked screenshots of the current status of the map, you can see more in the forum thread.

Image Image Image

Image Image Image

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-Crymod Staff Team

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 Post Topic: RE: [Update] WIP Level: The Crater
PostPosted 12.05.2008, 18:09 
Looks good ^^
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PostPosted 12.05.2008, 18:11 
I was really looking forward to an update on this map. It's looking absolutely amazing. Great work!

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PostPosted 12.05.2008, 18:23 
Looks good!!!
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PostPosted 12.05.2008, 18:24 
I love this map, ever since the first screen shots of an empty crater lol. Is absolutley fantastic. Great work and a very nice update :)

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PostPosted 12.05.2008, 18:54 
Really nice, don't know how I managed to miss this.

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PostPosted 12.05.2008, 19:03 
Not excited about the automatic Vtols on spawn :rolleyes:

Other than that its looking good!
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PostPosted 12.05.2008, 19:30 
looks great

be cool for a sp mission too - hint !

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PostPosted 12.05.2008, 19:54 
the ToD is owning

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PostPosted 12.05.2008, 20:04 
Awesome work, it's so realistic can't wait to play on it !

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PostPosted 12.05.2008, 20:38 

but how get the c130 into the hangar :D
If i compare the doors with the plane... sooometing did not fit :)
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PostPosted 12.05.2008, 22:34 
He is right this is unrealistic, make a larger hangar :P

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PostPosted 12.05.2008, 23:44 
i love it =] how did u get the parking lot so good like that? im only good at making streets i never figured out the parking lot

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PostPosted 12.05.2008, 23:48 
only one question : Are the vtol usable?