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 Post Topic: SP Level Roundup #25
PostPosted 20.05.2008, 02:00 

Welcome to part 25 of our round up of the latest singleplayer maps currently featured on Crymod! This instalment of our weekly feature brings you 2 exciting looking WIP maps fresh from publication, and another 2 finished levels which are just begging to be downloaded and played!

As well as this, once you have finished your map we encourage you to post the map in our announcement thread that can be found here: Post Your Finished Map. This way we can collect all of the great maps from each of you and add it to the downloads section immediately.

Today’s roundup will cover the following custom levels from the Crymod community.

Work In Progress:
  • Butterfly
  • Sanguis
  • Vulcan Assault
  • The Harbour
Work In Progress Maps

Butterfly a WIP map that’s being created by Lenox47.

After the resounding success of his first and extremely popular map Dream Experimental, Lenox47 is back for a follow up to the beautiful first map. With immensely detailed animated cutscenes, and promising a much more intense plot than the first map, Butterfly looks to be a map to keep an eye on. To show off the trademark environment from the creator we've got a few screens of the upcoming map.

Image Image

Sanguis a WIP level that’s being developed by Nicegrass.

As a US marine who missed his dropzone on the parachute jump, you must fight your way behind enemy lines to your squad who are being attacked a few kilometres away. Featuring a unique environment, set in Italy in the arid mountainside, the combat will be sporadic but provide an intense trip through the landscape. In order to show this new environment, we've got some screenshots of the Italian scenery.

Image Image Image

Released Maps

Vulcan Assault a finished level created by pilsvern.

This fast paced map is one of the newest to the Crymod finished levels section, and definitely merits a place in the Roundup. Featuring seven objectives, plenty of action, and a fresh exciting plot to boot, the map is definitely a must-download. If you'd like to download the map, you can find it on the Crymod Download Database here.

Image Image Image

The Harbour a completed map developed by CaptainChris.

Having been in development for over two months, Harbour had been an eagerly anticipated map by the community. With a mission to skirt around a mountain involving a huge industrial harbour area, the map features diverse gameplay locations, from cliffside roads to intense indoors. If you'd like to download the map from Crymod, the Download Database page for this map can be found here.

Image Image Image

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- Download: Vulcan Assault
- Download: The Harbour

- Tutorial: How to play your custom SP/MP map in the full version

Stay tuned for the next SP Level Round-Up! Feel free to post your suggestions on levels that we should feature in the next roundup in the news thread.

- Crymod Staff Team

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 Post Topic: RE: SP Level Roundup #25
PostPosted 20.05.2008, 02:05 
I lika this map. Is nice
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PostPosted 20.05.2008, 02:09 
Sanguis looks really really cool.

Modeler/Level Designer
Skype: adius_omega
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PostPosted 20.05.2008, 02:12 
Those all look great, good job everyone!
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 Post Topic: RE: SP Level Roundup #25
PostPosted 20.05.2008, 02:25 
Kinda small SP Roundup this time around, but i guess you cant make much more without material^^

Like the italy screens and ill try out Harbor when i get home:)

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 Post Topic: RE: SP Level Roundup #25
PostPosted 20.05.2008, 10:03 
All screenshots looks great, I especially like the very first one. I hate it when screenshots is all there is wants gameplay vids/trailers!
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PostPosted 20.05.2008, 14:23 
all download the harbour!

this map rocks !!!!!!

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PostPosted 20.05.2008, 17:11 
Sangius looks like hell , nice ToD!
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PostPosted 20.05.2008, 21:06 
i really like sanguis..gonna dl the harbour when i get to my gaming pc...

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PostPosted 21.05.2008, 09:27 
You should dl Vulcan assault too :P
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 Post Topic: RE: SP Level Roundup #25
PostPosted 21.05.2008, 10:36 
Vulcan Assault was decent if looking at the quality of the terrain and most colors were to bright to be realistic but it had nice Flowgraphs and Trackwievs, all in all 7/10 :)

Keep working on the look of the map itself and your spelling and you'll make killer maps next time!:D

Harbour had EXTREMLY well detailed envoirment and i had almost forgotten how good Crysis could look :rolleyes:
Downside is that 99,9% is in German (or pherhaps i forgot to turn on english?)
Resulting in running around killing koreans whitout a clue as to what i should be doing and later Somehow ended up in a Cavern wich seemed to be the Finnish:p

You should make an IA map out of this, or maybe an Assault PS map:)