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 Post Topic: [Casus Belli] Official Thread (Update 30/05/10)
PostPosted 09.02.2009, 22:01 


Casus Belli scenario takes place in the world of Crysis, but is a realistic-like mod. Don't expect to find any futuristic weapon, nanosuit or Aliens on this mod.

The background of Casus Belli offers various battlefields such as Russia, Europe, Middle East and also North America in CB maps. I am sure you will like the countryside map "No bravery 1", nicely surrounded by corn fields, rivers, forests . But if you prefer industrial area, well, we have for you "No bravery 2" and its large factories. Be sure that we will enhance the feeling of a world in conflict in our maps by including many different areas like deserts, harbors, forests... Casus Belli will offer you urban maps with nice streets battles and building by building fights.

All these maps contain a large amount of exclusive assets like new buildings, new static vehicles, various city and house furnitures. Numerous custom textures are also included to change radically the universe of crysis and offer you a new gaming experience.
We also made some of the Crysis solo maps available for multiplaying, like River and Valley.

Besides, the new class system which changes the skin of the character depending on its class, the skinned hand and the random time of day make Crysis gameplay a more true to life experience.

Current Status

Casus Belli is largely inspired to battlefield series, and try to purpose a comparable experience on Cryengine2.

To do so, we totally removed the nanosuit and the health regeneration system, fixed a few exploits (like the jump exploit), and clearly oriented the game towards a battlefield-like experience. So far, the game play mix large maps for infantry and vehicules fights at 32 players, and little sized maps (10-16 players) for fights in the purest infantry tradition (perfect for e-sports)!
Weapons are plenty more efficient, assaults are quick and brutal, and long range fights take a new dimension.
You will find 4 different class systems (recon, assault, sniper, saper), a squad system, a new flag system (the energy increases once you've captured the flag) and many features that will allow a faster and tenser gameplay. The system of " prestige points" has been kept, but adapted for the new gameplay.

Implemented features (Done):

  • New maps (nine maps actually) with new ambience. Most of theses maps have been set for infantry oriented gameplay.
  • Random Time of the Day (play at night, day, morning etc...) server randomly set it at round start)
  • Appearance of the characters depending on their class
  • Skinned hands made
  • Simplified Game mode: Conquest mode style (Battlefield-like mode)
  • New Class selection Menu
  • Battlefield-Like class system (6 classes in each team)
  • Nanosuit removed (sound, models, attribute and capacity).
  • Health regeneration removed.
  • Suit energy removed.
  • New spectator HUD.
  • Reworked ingame HUD and minimap
  • Various strategic flags (not only bunkers) like factories, train stations, bridges etc...
  • Energy bar grows up for each captured flag (no more bunkers flags, energy flags and prototype).
  • Jump exploit (changing direction in air) fixed.
  • Players can no longer sprint when strafing
  • Tweaked Gameplay : weapon's damages and accuracy increased, player's moves and speed increased (but strafe speed reduced).
  • Hundred of new objects, statics, buildings...
  • Add blood effect on hits
  • Few more modifications for the remaining HUD.
  • Many new characters models : Russian Spetsnaz, US Army, NK Army...
  • New design for the radar, ammunitions, points and flag HUD.
  • New health regeneration system.
  • Squad System.
  • Many weapons.
The Development Team

Management Team

Image Soulimano
Image Supernovae
Image Landsheer


Image Mor
Image CrazyMatt


Image Fire
Image Dudu
Image Darfid
Image Jimmy
Image MyPeX
Image Fabiolo
Image Yodashi
Image Staatsfeind

Menu - Code

Image Tim
Image Gax
Image Vanth
Image xartiel
Image atheryl
Image R0machka
Image dolphineye
Image Manchoman

Sounds & Music

Image Aleksi

Cryengine² Specialists

Image Mathack

Weapons, Arms & Anims

Image LTX
Image Resh
Image Requin
Image Akustav
Image Terence
Image Mr.Frags

Public Relations Team

Image Phoennix

Open Positions

You like what we did ? You want to join the dev team ?
Contact us at with renders of your work.

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PostPosted 09.02.2009, 22:05 
8o very nice man. Impresed by ur done list and ur team. looking foward :D
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PostPosted 09.02.2009, 22:06 
hey why did you guys just recently tell us abut this we sure would have loved to hear about this sooner.
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PostPosted 09.02.2009, 22:09 
I'm realy looking forward to this mod. :easter:

I wish you success and hope the mod will not die.

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PostPosted 09.02.2009, 22:12 

What is Casus Belli?
Casus Belli is a mod developed by our creation facility, the "French touch studio". Its goal is to propose an alternative to actual BF-like games in a constant slow down, their sequels taking too long to come.
It takes place in environments such as Russia, Middle-East and North America. If you love the wheat fields of Eastern Europe or large urban areas, then Casus Belli is made for you! In order to use the best tools of new 3d technologies, we have chosen to bring the project on the CryEngine2, developed by Crytek.

For now, the mod is being developed for Crysis, and will soon migrate towards Crysis Wars.

What can you expect from the mod?
First of all: recover the feeling of Battlefield in a Crysis' multiplayer environment.
But we will not stop here and are planning to propose new functionalities, always in the gameplay spirit that made Battlefield's success.
Scheduled features are: large battles mixing infantry, land/sea vehicules, realistic and efficient weapons, fast and violent assaults, with mostly urban environments.
BF players will rapidly find themselves at home with a class system (recon, assault, sniper, medic, etc...), a flag system based on Advance and Secure, a squad system...

Image Image Image Image Image Image

Note that we are talking about an advanced system where every kit put in relationship with others can benefit the general characteristics of the whole group. We will get back to this system later on.
A few new features linked to our mod: a special healing feature, equipment purchase options, and the possibility to customize weapons.
We plan to propose the largest panel of weapons as possible. We will get back to our weapons soon, with a couple of renders of some of the weapons that are already integrated ingame such as the HK416, the AK47, the Beretta, the M21, the P90, the VSS Vintorez or even the Benelli. New weapons will soon appear to enrich our actual arsenal, currently under testing.

Image Image
Image Image

The Soundtrack?
An other important element usually ommitted in FPS's: the sountrack. It is very important to bring a specific tone and a particular color in games. Here is a little extract of our composer Aleksi that will give you a glimpse of his creative universe and his capacity to stick to the ambiance that we wish to create in Casus Belli. Download the excerpt.

And for now...
In our actual state of development, we have been very surprised by the hard work done by our new recruits which have made a clear demonstration of great motivation. So it is natural for us to give them thumbs up as a token of appreciation.

We need you!
If you wish to join our project, we invite you to fill up the contact form.
We are currently looking for animators and texturers, but we are of course open to new talents (3D modeling, coding...).
The renders accompanying this news are just a little taste of all that has been created until now, but we hope that it has already bitten your curiosity.

New information and contents will be announced shortly, but in the meantime, we invite you to check our moddb profile if you wish to obtain more information on our work. It will be a pleasure for us to answer you.

See you soon on ...

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PostPosted 09.02.2009, 22:20 
Amazing job guys. Looking forward to this one.
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PostPosted 09.02.2009, 22:58 
@icomrade: they're work could be viewed before since I've seen their older screenshots a few months ago.

Don't you guys have an other thread about this?

anyway :) : it sure sounds and looks very promising, you got some very cool wallpapers!
will follow your work up for sure :) keep it up!
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PostPosted 10.02.2009, 15:24 
Thank you all. If you have any questions about Casus Belli, I'm here. :)
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PostPosted 10.02.2009, 15:37 
Stunning, were those last four screenshots taken ingame? Amazing work on the characters and weapons, if so :)
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PostPosted 10.02.2009, 15:45 
Incredible work guys, you've done a fantastic job :).

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PostPosted 10.02.2009, 17:55 
amazing work, i like to see the vss

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PostPosted 11.02.2009, 21:49 
Stunning, were those last four screenshots taken ingame?

Yes this is ingame. Thank you all for your great comments. :)
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PostPosted 11.02.2009, 21:55 
Just very, very good! I'm impressed!
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PostPosted 11.02.2009, 22:24 
Wow, awesome !

There just a few MP mods that are worth taking a peek, and your one of them ! :D

- It's all about the bread.
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PostPosted 11.02.2009, 22:52 
Those mountains = sex.