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 Post Topic: [Crysis 2] - First Official Screenshots!
PostPosted 04.03.2010, 20:00 

Following the teaser announcement made at E3 2009, all sorts of interesting media releases and showcases have been released to the public. Interviews with developers, screenshots of captivating yet undefined situations, and other mysterious snippets of information have all surfaced. Today, we're proud to release the first official images of Crysis 2!

The Images
Taking place in New York city, Crysis 2 brings highly vertical gameplay to the table, made possible with the Nanosuit 2, developed by Crynet Systems. The first of these images includes a Nanosuit-clad character in an all-too-familiar pose, with a backdrop of destruction as the city is laid to waste. The second features Crynet Ops infantry in combat with the Nanosuit 2 whilst the city crumbles down around them, for reasons that will be revealed in due time.



More media is on the way in the near future; keep your eyes open!

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PostPosted 04.03.2010, 20:00 
Sweeeet :D

Well... I downloaded the SDK...
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PostPosted 04.03.2010, 20:01 
Finally :D This game owns!

Good work Crytek :)

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PostPosted 04.03.2010, 20:01 

finally some good quality pics


O and by the way
The new nanosuit looks pretty good in those pics, (not like a fat ass :P)

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PostPosted 04.03.2010, 20:02 
Got myself a new background :)
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 Post Topic: Crysis 2
PostPosted 04.03.2010, 20:02 
;(Awwwww!!! Where did the island go!
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 Post Topic: seen these and others
PostPosted 04.03.2010, 20:03 
These were in Edge magazine a while back along with LOADS others!

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PostPosted 04.03.2010, 20:03 
Nano-Suit 2, redefining crotch armor.
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PostPosted 04.03.2010, 20:04 
Is that ingame?
Looks good to me!

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PostPosted 04.03.2010, 20:05 
The buildings look to clean and monoton. Not as there's a war atm, no dirt, no burn.
Looks sweet in general, though.

Lighting/Level Artist

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Crysis 2: The Journey
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PostPosted 04.03.2010, 20:15 
Wondeful, beautiful, awful :P
No island? :( CITY :unsure:
;) :tongue:

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PostPosted 04.03.2010, 20:15 
Oh yes, there will be awesome epicness :D

And this:
Originally posted by Vigilante
Got myself a new background :)

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PostPosted 04.03.2010, 20:17 
In MP the skyscraper not good, i play the Frontlines fuel of war in Moskva but , I don't no why, i don't like... too "sci fi" in my opinion
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PostPosted 04.03.2010, 20:21 
this is awesome i hope there are tons of building in the editor for us to make our own city!

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PostPosted 04.03.2010, 20:25 
Looks more like a wallpapers.